In this article, we’ll explore what Business Intelligence solutions can do to help you achieve a best-of-breed Sage 100 experience that drives smarter organizational decision-making.

The modern business world moves at such a pace that it is imperative that our tools be accessible and flexible for our analytical processes.  Mobile applications are just one example of how independent software vendors (ISVs) are delivering Business Intelligence (BI) tools that speak to consumer needs for financial reporting, data management, and analytics for Sage 100 business intelligence users.  Today, you should be investing in BI technology that is nothing short of the flexibility you require, in terms of how you get to your transactional and operational information for more streamlined, smarter decision-making, regardless of where you are working.  Third party software vendors are bringing flexible BI solutions to market for an upgraded, modern end user experience.
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This article discusses the modern, dynamic, and business user friendly financial reporting options available for Healthcare organizations using Sage 100.

It has been a while since I have blogged, and in that time, I have had several great opportunities to talk to finance and accounting professionals, as well as executives, about their Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) needs.  Some of these conversations happened at BI360 Focus 2016, some of these manifested as one-off conversations, and one even occurred on a flight to Portland.  Lately though, it seems like I have not only been in conversation with more healthcare professionals, but I’ve also found myself personally and professionally curious about this industry.  The healthcare industry seems to be one of the most complex and regulated sectors – and for good reason obviously, but the effect it has on financial reporting requires sophisticated, yet business user friendly BI tools.  The best financial reporting tools for Sage 100 users offer Healthcare-specific data management that produces the necessary financial reporting and/or dashboards.
This blog article will focus on modern financial reporting with Sage 100.  I’ll first discuss the bigger picture of what you should be looking for to achieve your financial reporting and analytical objectives.  Then, I’ll zoom in on the financial reporting modules delivered by certain, more dynamic products that can enable Healthcare organizations to produce traditional financial statements, meet regulations, and present information to key stakeholders and decision-makers.
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This article will explore financial reporting features and functionalities in today’s solutions for manufacturing organizations looking to expand their Sage 100 experience.


In today’s business world, Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics are becoming the modern way of turning valuable company data into rich decision-making for a company’s future. Navigating through BI is much like maneuvering through the wilderness without a map or a compass. It can get overwhelming, but I’m here to help. This article will focus on what users should know about in modern reporting solutions to improve your Sage 100 experience, specifically zooming in on manufacturing data management and analysis.
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This article discusses Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for a best-of-breed Sage X3 experience that delivers complete insight through reporting and analytics.

Today’s business world requires that our processes and technological tools be accessible and flexible.  Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) applications are one example of precisely how third party software vendors are answering consumers’ calls for solutions that can keep up with the fast pace of the international marketplace, including financial reporting, data management, and analytics for Sage X3 customers.  Nowadays, you should be investing in and depending on BI tools that are flexible enough for your organization regarding how you access your transactional and operational data for more efficient, richer decision-making, no matter if you’re on the road or in the office.  Independent software vendors (ISVs) are producing BI tools with this flexibility built right in to improve the end user experience.
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This article will explore Business Intelligence (BI) software for an expanded, modern Sage 300 experience to provide comprehensive reporting and analysis.

The modern business culture insists that our procedures and software solutions be flexible and accessible, and the mobile platforms that are rolling out are just one example of exactly how independent software vendors (ISVs) are responding to consumer demands to keep up with the on-the-go nature of the global corporate scene, including data management, reporting and analyses for Sage 300 customers.  These days, you should be relying on BI software that is flexible enough for your company in regard to accessibility of your operational and transactional information for smarter, quicker decision-making, whether you are working in the office or remotely.  Third party software manufacturers are responding to this user experience need for more flexibility in BI tools.
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