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    At Solver, we start by understanding your business objectives and build a customized project plan that includes every step in the project life cycle, from strategy, to implementation, to training and support.

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    The Corporate Performance Management (CPM) industry is going through dramatic change. “Pure-plays” are being acquired by large software vendors, niche CPM tools are being added to ERP applications, product roadmaps change and customers’ CPM needs are changing and maturing.

    Through all of this change, Solver has evolved into an industry leader for CPM solutions. Our product suite belongs to a new category of easy to use, quick to deploy solutions that drive business process improvement and that enable our customers to achieve significant return in their investments.

    We extend and optimize corporate performance management software by simplifying powerful functionality for business end-users and accelerating data source integrations for IT teams. We also bring a proven approach to solutions delivery that ensures successful implementation, end-user adoption and rapid return on investment.

    Our customers see us not as a simple ‘technology vendor’ or one time project manager but instead as a valuable and long term ‘visionary partner’ in managing and improving business performance across their organization today, tomorrow and in the future. Your success is our goal.

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