Easy  Integration And Intuitive Design

    Power BI dashboards can be highly summarized and KPI-based for executives, but they can also be detailed operational dashboards for line managers and end users across the organization. Data feeds can come from your ERP system as well as from any other data source you feed to the Solver Data Warehouse.

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    Illustrate Company Data Through Collaboration

    Power BI dashboards integrates to the same Solver web portal that offers powerful financial and operational reporting and planning functionality with collaboration and workflow, allowing your team to access, discuss and share new insights from dashboards and combine it with financial reporting and budgeting analysis. Now you can make better decisions with better information to drive productivity across your organization.

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    Connect the Dots for All Stakeholders

    Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and dashboard solutions with the single Solver Suite combined with Power BI for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training & support, less IT and consulting dependencies, all while sharing data visualizations as an accessible, impactful extension of data analysis for team members across the organization.

    Power BI Dashboard Features

    Transform your analysis processes with Power BI data visualization that extends Solver’s industry-leading intelligent data warehouse, financial reporting, consolidations, budgeting and forecasting:

    • Trend Analysis- Find trends in your data by comparing many years of history, budgets and forecasts.
    • Cash Flow Simulation- Move interactive sliders to simulate changes in revenues, expenses and balance sheet items and instantly see the effect on the company’s cash flow. Then link directly into Solver to re-forecast P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow scenarios.
    • Sales Simulation- Move interactive sliders to simulate leads, opportunities, and other drivers of sales and then link directly into Solver for top-down sales forecasts to quickly deliver revenue outlook to your executive team.
    • KPI Dictionary to Pre-Define Formulas- With the key performance indicator (KPI) dictionary, you get to define your company’s success. Every business has different KPIs that indicate its results. After you determine your company’s KPIs, you can turn them into formulas that analyze your results. Use Solver’s Data Warehouse to organize, define and maintain KPIs and map your data to Power BI measures.
    • World’s Leading Chart Selection- Power BI has the world’s leading chart library. You will find anything from typical charts to highly advanced decomposition trees, statistical- and industry specific charts and analytical objects to use in your company’s dashboards.
    • Support for Charting Embedded in Reports- Not ready to deploy a full visualization tool like Power BI yet? Then start by embedded charts in your Solver reports, usign Solver’s cloud-connected Excel add-in. Or, deploy both professional Power BI dashboards as well as financial and operational reports with embedded charts.

    Full Integration with the Solver Suite

    Your Solver corporate performance management (CPM) portal will work seamlessly with Power BI for a market-leading best-of-breed combination of dashboards, financial reporting and planning. Use your dashboards to better understand data from:

    Powering Your Business With CPM and Dashboards

    Thanks to Solver’s cloud-based reporting and planning web portal, your company can take advantage of these data reporting activities:

    Measuring Strategic Performance

    Understand your company’s performance at a glance. Refresh your Power BI dashboards from Solver’s data warehouse to get current data on your business metrics and make real-time decisions. You can set up your dashboards to show the charts you need to pinpoint your performance at any time. As your business priorities change, you can add, take away or modify your charts.

    Viewing Future Predictors and Trends

    You can also design your dashboards to show predictive analytics and trends. Your dashboards can work with the Solver’s planning module to forecast your performance. With these predictors and trends, you can change your business strategies to increase your chance of success.

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