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The Most Efficient Reporting & Analysis Tools

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This article will highlight essential reporting and analysis features in Corporate Performance Management solutions. Reporting and analysis, previously a centralized activity for an executive audience, has become an increasingly democratic…
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Top Cloud-based Financial Planning and Analysis Budget Tools for Banks

This article will focus on the Top Cloud-based Financial Planning &Analysis (FP&A) Budget Tools for Banks. The way things used to be – When I first got into building a budget for a bank, we were using Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets…
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Cloud Reporting for Banks

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This article will focus on Cloud Reporting for Banks. Just what is Cloud Reporting? – TechTarget defines Cloud Analytics as a service model in which the reporting and analysis process are provided through a public or private cloud.  These…
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Web-based Reporting for Banks

This article will focus on Web-based Reporting for Banks. Who cares about web-based reporting for banks? When we think about reporting for banks, we often think about accountants, controllers, and CFO’s.  According to The Wharton School,…
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