In this article, today’s best features and functionalities of independent financial reporting software vendor offerings for SAP Business One users will take center stage.

If you don’t have a dynamic, modern financial reporting tool, you are practically treading water in today’s business world of data management and analytics, instead of fully competing in your sector.  This article will discuss your options for features and functionalities that third party solutions are offering, so you have a head start in your search for the best report writer for your SAP Business One (SAP B1) ERP system.
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This article will explore mobile options to access, manage, and analyze company data for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.

I recently spoke to a COO, who lives and works in Kansas City, MO about the obstacles and restrictions she has been facing as her job has taken her to different client sites to oversee projects, while also contributing to the executive team’s responsibility to chart the path to the future for the company.  Over the past couple of years, as the company has taken on more clients, some international, she has been traveling a lot more.  Her team relies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a combination of Excel and the built-in financial reporting tool, but she is ready to seek a true upgrade to report writing and dashboards that is flexible in how and where you can access your data.  Are you in a similar boat?
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This article will examine and discuss your financial reporting options for your SAP Business One experience with a focus on the key feature to seek: flexibility.

Flexibility is the buzzword when it comes to approaching the increasingly more consumer-driven and global marketplace.  Flexibility, in the context of data management, refers to your ability to access your company data, which you rely on to make sound decisions about the future of your company, on the go.   Beyond SAP’s own strides, third party Business Intelligence (BI) vendors are competing to offer B1 users ultra-modern, easy-to-use financial reporting functionality, which now more than ever includes the necessity to access information anywhere the job takes them.  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have excelled at identifying this consumer demand and have produced with flexibility in mind for SAP B1 customers.
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When it comes to financial reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most practical element to look for to meet company needs, besides ease of use, is flexibility.  This article will explore and discuss the most important features to look for in a modern financial reporting solution for your Dynamics NAV experience.

As the marketplace settles into a new normal as both increasingly more global and consumer-driven, flexibility becomes extremely valuable.  When I say flexibility, I’m referring to accessibility and mobility of your company data that you use to make informed decisions about developing your business for future success and brand growth.  In addition to Microsoft’s own efforts, independent software vendors (ISVs) are striving to provide NAV customers with superior reporting capabilities, therefore also understanding the need to access the information that moves a company forward.  This direct experience and understanding has driven some third party software manufacturers to produce financial reporting tools with a focus on flexible accessibility for Dynamics NAV users.
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In today’s increasingly global business world, there’s a growing demand for flexibility, secure collaboration, and accessibility when generating financial reports and dashboards.  This article will discuss mobile reporting and dashboards in the context of meeting modern professionals’ BI needs.

I was recently talking to a CFO of an international company who lived and worked from the headquarters in Seattle, Washington about the limitations and related frustrations he was facing in trying to run his company.  In the past few years, he has been traveling a lot, sometimes internationally, because of a reorganization and the growth of his company.  His team is using SAP Business One and Crystal Reports, but he is currently in the market for a new Business Intelligence (BI) solution that will empower him and his finance team to easily collaborate, report, and generate data visualizations whether they are in the office, in one of their international offices, or even somewhere like an airport restaurant.  Sound familiar?
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