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The First Annual Solver Ascend Conference Was a Success!

This year’s BI360 Partner and Customer Conference, Ascend 2019, has proverbially sailed into the sunset. And it was amazing! Renaming the event, from Focus to Ascend, truly embraced the essence of Solver’s business direction—helping…

Join Us at Ascend 2019—Take Your Next Journey to BI360 Growth

New Conference Name…Same Awesome Location…Better Learning and Networking Need a quick business data management pick-me-up? Want to hone your BI360 skills or even become your organization’s next BI360 guru? Then you’ve got to come…

Use of CPM Analytical Tools in the Budget Planning Process

This article will help you navigate budgeting and planning with corporate performance management solutions. If you are reading this article, you may either be researching a vendor for a budgeting tool or have inherited a corporate…

How to Prepare for an Enterprise Resource Planning Software Implementation

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This article focuses on the process of preparing for a software implementation.    Congratulations! You’ve already made the hard decision. You’ve done your research on software vendors, you’ve notified your IT and finance…

How to get the Most out of Power BI

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This article discusses how you can combine the strengths of leading business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions to create easy-to-use, business dashboards and operational reports.   It’s an industry-known fact…

Your Guide to Finding the Best CPM Solution for Your Company

This article covers the top things to consider when buying a CPM tool. It’s overwhelming to find the best software for your organizational needs. This is why we have created a guide for companies that are looking for a corporate performance…

Best CPM and Budgeting Strategies for Growing Companies

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This article will describe how companies with multiple business units process budgets and forecasts.     Scaling organizations face a multitude of challenges. Organizations that coordinate budgets and forecasts from multiple data…

The Benefits of Budgeting with Budget Templates Part 1

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This article focuses on the importance of budgeting with a corporate performance management solution. Budgeting is a topic that is not very popular in many organizations. It can be an extremely time-consuming project for many employees. This…