This article will focus on financial reporting tools for organizations using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, so you can invest in the right solution for your team.
This past November, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Dynamics 365. Combining the Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings in one unified cloud-hosted solution, there are two versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The lower end version of the product is called the Business Edition and is based on Dynamics NAV as a framework. The Enterprise Edition is the higher end version, which is based on Dynamics AX and created for larger corporations in the top of the marketplace. Both are hosted by Microsoft and deployed in the Azure cloud. In this article, we will explore what you should look for in a financial reporting tool for your organization to use with Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition.
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Power BI P&LThis article will discuss the power of combining the forces of cloud corporate performance management (CPM) and Microsoft Power BI for a true best-of-breed solution with Dynamics ERPs.
It’s hard to deny the popularity and buzz of Microsoft’s Power BI. It is the current shining star of enterprise technology, and with the brand power of Microsoft, it has made its way into a lot of companies’ portfolio of systems. It makes sense too: not only does the executive team want data visualizations, but cross-departmentally, information workers of every type can access insight easily and quickly about the health of the organization or the progress of a project. However, dashboards, like charts, graphs, and scorecards, are just one form of reporting and can be limiting for certain teams.
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This article is an interview with Solver CIO Hadrian Knotz about the role of IT in managing cloud and on-premises technologies.
In this changing enterprise technology climate, I knew I wanted to sit down with an IT subject matter expert to learn how companies are managing applications and systems that reside either on-premises or in the cloud. The best person for the conversation is Hadrian Knotz, who is the CIO at Solver, Inc. and is, generally speaking, a gentleman and a scholar. Read on to learn about the challenges facing IT teams who are supporting the technology needs of organizations, big and small – and how these professionals are providing solutions. 
Felzke: Solver has recently launched BI360 Cloud, a cloud deployment Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite offering, after years of success with the on-premises version of BI360. How have you seen technology management change since when you joined Solver and started leading that team?
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This article is an interview with Solver’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Applegate about technology development and enterprise technology management in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) realm.
As many of you know, Solver launched BI360 to the cloud in June, so I decided to sit down with CTO Mike Applegate to discuss life after the cloud launch. Mike leads the product strategy and development team. With Mike’s knowledge and experience, this interview is a must-read for those interested in developing applications that are on-premises or cloud-hosted.
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