Daniel Havey
Cloud-based Call Report Automation for Banks

This article will focus on Cloud-based Call Report Automation for Banks.


incomestatementbi360Why does going to the dentist always seem stressful? I have been going to the same dentist for over twenty years.  He has seen my children grow up.  He has seen me change jobs a couple of times.  My wife has even joined his team in a fund raiser or two.  You would think that every time I see him, a warm fuzzy feeling would overcome my emotions.

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Mike Applegate
Free White Paper: BI360 for Salesforce.com

The BI360 Excel-based report writer is not only easy to use, but is one of the most powerful reporting tools on the market. Now with a Salesforce integration, it opens a whole new world for all the Salesforce customers world-wide that are accustomed to exporting their Salesforce data to Excel for reporting purposes. BI360 is the most modern Excel-based report writer on the market and now Salesforce customers can fully automate their pipeline reporting and even combine it with financial reporting and budgeting/forecasting, as these are core features in the BI360 suite.
By completing the Salesforce connector, we’ve further realized our strategy to build a library of pre-defined connectors to cloud-based and on-premises data sources. In less than 15 minutes, customers can now configure the connector, populate the BI360 Data Warehouse with Salesforce data and run pre-defined reports, as well as using the modern BI360 Excel-based report writer to create their own reports.
Some of the advantages of using BI360 as a report writer for your Salesforce and data are:
1. Powerful Excel- and web-based sales pipeline reporting that business users can manage.
2. Combine Salesforce sales pipeline data with your ERP data through the BI360 Data Warehouse for a combined view of actual data and forecast data.
3. Very quick and non-technical to get up and running.
Learn more by downloading our complimentary whitepaper.