How to Grow Your Business with Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting Software

This article will describe how organizations leverage planning software to increase efficiency.

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Hanna Kim
Excel- and Web-based Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article will focus on platform options when investing in a new budgeting tool.


Look, it seems like I’ve talked about anything and everything about budgeting so I went directly to the source – a team of consultants. I asked them what the common problem they face with their clients when it comes to budgeting, and surprisingly, they all had the same answer. The majority of their clientele has never had a professional budgeting system, nor did they have a satisfactory budget model that reflected how their business operates. As mentioned in the budget tools for Microsoft GP users replacing Forecaster article, there are around 48,000 GP customers out of 200,000 Dynamics ERP users, and if your company is either one of the 2,000 companies using Forecaster as a budgeting tool or one of the 90% or more organizations who create their budget in homegrown Excel models, this article is for you. In this article, I will discuss Excel- and Web-based Budgeting for Dynamics GP. Continue reading

Matthew Felzke
Budgeting Software Cost

Find out the cost of implementing and upgrading to secure, Excel-based budgeting software that makes for a streamlined, collaborative process.

Homegrown, Excel-based budgeting makes perfect sense for the personal or household budget, especially due to the relatively small amount of data, but when budgeting for a growing organization, budgeting software is available to streamline and invite collaboration into the process.  Organization-wide budgeting and forecasting is an important aspect as long-term success of a company depends on its ability to plan and work within their means.

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