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There are more than 200,000 companies running on-premise ERP systems from Microsoft, Sage, SAP and Acumatica world-wide and many are not planning to move to the cloud yet. However, if you are one of them, this does not mean that your company canā€™t start taking advantage of modern cloud-based reporting solutions today to drive better […]


If you have surveyed an audience of mid-market accounting and finance professionals, you almost always find that 90-95% primarily rely on manual budget models in Excel. How is this possible when most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including Sage Intacct, have both basic native ERP budget functionalities? In some cases, they also have specialized add-on […]

The termsĀ Corporate Performance Management (CPM)Ā and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) are often used interchangeably. These two forms ofĀ performance management software help businesses manage their resources and stay on trackĀ with their financial goals.Ā Many argue that when you’re running a large organization, you need both EPM and CPM. Some solutions likeĀ SolverĀ andĀ Anaplan, combines functionality from both categories into a […]

While mid-market and enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors offer native financial consolidation software, their limitations often leave users still in search of a solution that can produce. Here are a few reasons why it has been difficult for ERP vendors to deliver the financial consolidation functionality inside the ERPs itself. Common Limitations in Current Financial […]

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The rapid growth of Microsoftā€™s Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) cloud ERP system comes with investments in add-on app solutions by independent software vendors (ISVs).Ā For example, Progressus is a company as described above and has a project solution for D365 BC. With Progressus, small and mid-sized companies receive easy-to-configure and advanced project accounting functionality […]

When you’re managing a large hotel or resort, your day-to-day job requires you to juggle countless moving pieces. From tracking KPIs to producing financial reports, running a sizeable hotel or resort is practically impossible today without the help of advancedĀ hotel performance management software. Fortunately, there are many solutions on the market designed to accommodate the […]

Budget Variance Analysis

Budgets can be difficult. While properly analyzing trends and patterns in your financial history and projections is an essential part of budgeting and forecasting, it requires long hours of tedious work if done manually. In fact, many businesses hire FP & A personnel specifically to perform tasks related to variance and analysis. Whether you’re a […]


If you have ever tried to build and maintain financial reports inside a visualization tool, the answer should be simple. Power BI works well for dashboards, but modern cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solutions are the best option for your financial reports. BI vs. CPM Letā€™s elaborate. Power BI belongs to a category typically referred […]


For many years it seems like every mid-market and enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor has aspired to offer native financial consolidation software. However, they all seem to fall short, often to the disappointment of customers that were promised that their new ERP system easily could produce the consolidated financials from their individual subsidiary ledgers.Ā  So […]