The Power of Drill Down

Every day in almost every modern business around the world, employees and managers are looking at reports. Depending on roles and responsibilities, these report consumers are seeking an understanding of a particular area of the business by reviewing vendor reports, sales reports, inventory reports, financial statements, and more. The faster an employee can find the answer they are looking for and then move on with their day, the less time is wasted and the faster any potential action items resulting from the analysis can take place.

Take this example: A majority of corporate and government organizations have department heads with budget responsibilities. Typically, the accounting department will run departmental financial statements once a month and distribute them out to each department head for review. The department manager will then look at the actual and budget figures and pay particular attention to the budget variance column. He or she knows that if there is a big budget variance, there is some explaining to do. However, in order for variance explanations to be provided, the manager needs to understand why the variance occurred in the first place. So, next starts a process of contacting accounting and asking for detailed transactional data for the revenue or expense items that had the big variances. In most organizations, this process can take days and will involve several people and back and forth communication. In other words, it is a slow, costly and clumsy process.

Now, how should the above process work in an ideal world? Here is an example:
1. The manager runs the report on-demand (accounting no longer needs to run and distribute it).
2. The manager reviews the report and easily spots the variances that the company has agreed are significant. E.g. those that are more than 10% above/below the budget. These variances stick out clearly in the report because they have red traffic lights next to them.
3. The manager clicks on each number in question and drills down to the general ledger (GL) detail. If more information is needed, the manager drills from the GL detail and into the related sub-ledger detail, e.g. to see the line items on a purchase order or a sales order.
4. Armed with the same knowledge as an accountant sitting with the accounting system open all day, the department manager now knows why the budget variance occurred and instead of e-mailing the CFO or asking for a meeting, he or she simply enters the explanation in a comment column on the report and saves it to the database so the comment is stored for years to come.

The whole process above took 5-10 minutes instead of 5 days, and not only did the organization save time, money and sometimes frustration, but business decisions can be made quicker as a result of the automated self-service reporting, the drill down and drill across to sub-ledger detail and the comment feedback that could be stored for later retrieval.

Modern tools like Solver’s BI360 business intelligence suite can provide the full automation and self- service reporting that was described in the above example.

Solver to Release BI360 Version 3.5 in January

Get Ready for BI360 version 3.5!
It is currently in beta and will be released in January 2012. Benefit from new features added within the reporting, planning and data warehouse modules.

Two major features were added to enhance reporting and analysis:

• Custom drill down within your reports allowing users to drill through to any module and detail in the ERP database or BI360 data warehouse
• Meta Light tool -friendly interface allows you to expose custom and 3rd party tables/fields in your ERP database to the BI360 report writer.

Solver is growing and needs talented people

Solver is growing and needs more great team members!
Due to high demand for our BI360 budgeting, reporting, dahsboard and data warehouse suite we are in need of the following team members:
1) BI360 consultant (US East Coast)
2) BI360 project manager (based at HQ in Los Angeles)
3) BI360 marketing/office coordinator (based at HQ in Los Angeles)

Contact us:​ct
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Solver is a proud leader in delivering innovative business intelligence driven solutions to the market place that leverage Microsofts BI and Performance Management technology platform.

Process Oriented Business Intelligence

Today, I read one of the best BI articles I have seen in a long time. It was called “Process-Oriented BI: Navigating the Road of Continuous Improvement”. The essence of the article is about how far you should be able to take BI these days by:
1) End-to-End Business Process Knowledge
2) Continuous Improvement Mindset
3) BI Capabilities of Operations
4) Data Governance Discipline
5) Data Latency Reduction

I encourage you to read the article and think about your own organization and what BI could do for you had the right BI tools and your organization was properly prepared. There is no doubt that the impact would be powerful and lasting for the business operations as well as for the bottom line.

With BI360, we have eliminated the classical barriers between “corporate BI” and operational BI, by enabling both real time reporting and data warehouse-based reporting, consolidations and planning. And, just as important, we have strived to provide you with user-friendly interfaces that any business user can manage without the assistance of IT or BI experts.

You can read the full article here:

Solver at Business Intelligence & Analytics for Healthcare Conference & Exhibition, July 11-12, 2011

See us at the Business Intelligence & Analytics for Healthcare Conference & Exhibition, July 11-12, 2011, San Diego, CA.

Solver and InterDyn Remington will show how to use the BI360 software suite to manage data to drive quality, financial performance & accountable care.

An increasing number of healthcare provider and payer organizations are looking to business intelligence and analytics technologies to deal with the challenges of health reform, including meeting Meaningful Use requirements and creating sustainable accountable care organizations (ACOs). This Conference, which builds on our groundbreaking event in 2007, focuses on innovative applications of business intelligence and analytics, data mining, data warehousing, data integration and decision support to facilitate quality measurement and reporting and pay for performance initiatives, improve clinical outcomes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenues, deal more effectively with government regulation, increase patient satisfaction, enhance organizational agility and promote greater transparency and organizational information sharing by dismantling the silos of data typically found within healthcare organizations.

Providers and payers will face an avalanche of data in the coming years. This conference will provide detailed and practical instruction on how to effectively manage and use this data to provide the right information at the right time to the right people for optimal decision-making.

Solver Partners with Sage to Offer BI360 for MAS 500 and X3

Solver recently partnered with Sage to offer the BI360 suite to Sage MAS 500 and X3 customers world-wide. This will now bring the leading BI360 reporting, budgeting, dashboard and data warehouse suite to Sage customers that are looking for a powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based reporting and budgeting experience.

The initial MAS 500 integration inclus LIVE reporting on the General Ledger, Purchasing and Sales modules in MAS 500, and last week this integration was expanded to include Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

The Sage X3 integration includes live reporting on the General Ledger, Analysis and Sales modules and it will be expanded to other X3 modules prioritized by customer demand.

Operational Reporting with BI360

While “Financial Reporting” often used to be synonymous with financial statements such as Profit & Loss reports, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements and consolidated reports, these days companies are using dual purpose tools like BI360 to also handle their operational reporting.

A quickly increasing number of BI360 users are developing operational reports such as:
– Reports help them manage inventories with details about standard cost, quantities and physical value.
– That shows purchase orders versus requisitions with related information about delivery dates, unit price, quantity ordered, purchase price and purchase quantity.
– Production orders with trend charts that quantities items ordered by date.
– Work-in-progress reports (WIP), quantity per order, how much of an order has been started and the WIP amount.

The above types of reports are particularly popular amongst Microsoft Dynamics AX customers because a good number of them are in manufacturing or related industries.

We also see more customers deploy the BI360 data warehouse in order to combine their ERP data with other operational data sources. Examples of these are healthcare providers that combine financial data with payroll and patient data to produce reports or dashboards that show average cost per patient day, statistical trends like Average Length of Stay (ALOS), etc.

As companies go operational with their reporting and the business users that truly understand the information needs of the business are able to design the reports, the result if often high value reports that earlier where non-existent or that had to be pieced together manually in spreadsheets.

Taking Excel-based Reporting & Budgeting to the Next Level!

Every organization wants a powerful Reporting and Budgeting solution integrated directly to Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV or SL. Most would like it to be Excel-based. And because FRx is going away and Management Reporter continues to be a GL only report writer, BI360 from Solver is the perfect replacement/enhancement solution!

Join us for a free webcast where attendees will…

. See how end-users can pull financial or non-financial information at any level of detail to support operations.

. Learn how to easily create an Excel-based report.

. Understand how one report can be connected to multiple databases.

. Visualize how Business intelligence (BI) technology can model business scenarios like profitability and revenue analysis.

. See a live demonstration: BI360 Excel-based Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics

Register Today!

See you at Convergence!

If you plan on attending this year’s Convergence in Atlanta, April 10-13 don’t forget to stop by Solver’s booth 535 to see our live BI360 Reporting, Budgeting & Dashboard Demo!

Solver has also teamed up with GP Partner Connections for the PreGAME event on Sunday, April 10 from 8:00 a.m. – noon at Convergence. This event brings together the partner community  and providing you with the opportunity to network and share best practices with fellow resellers, ISV’s and Microsoft executives!

Register for this exciting networking event here for free !! See you there!

Solver is now Hiring!!!!

Financial Reporting and Planning Software Consultant

Job Description

This position will be based out of our Los Angeles global headquarters. The consultant will be responsible for implementing our BI360 reporting, planning and dashboard software suite for customers and partners throughout North America.


•Research and understand the clients’ current financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting requirements.

•Interact with client personnel at all levels including, but not limited to financial analysts, IT specialists, CFO, and CIO.

•Organize and lead project meetings with key contacts within the client organization.

•Provide architectural advice and guidance throughout the project lifecycle.

•Contribute to the development of methodologies, approaches, and models relevant to the client’s project.

•Independently design, develop, and implement the recommended solution.

•Train customers and partners on administering and maintaining the developed model.

•Create technical and end user model documentation.

•Help support and maintain the model post-implementation.

•Travel to client sites throughout North America for requirements gathering, meetings, training, and implementation.

Required Qualifications: Bachelor degree is required in finance or accounting preferred. The candidate must have at least two years prior experience in a position working with financial report writers as well as strong Microsoft Excel skills. Basic accounting experience with an understanding of an ERP system (general ledger and related sub-ledgers) is expected.

The position requires excellent organizational, qualitative and analytical skills as well as the ability to apply a creative approach to problem solving. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to learn on the fly and multi-task. Excellent written and verbal communication skills along with a strong technical and financial business applications aptitude are required.

Additional Skills:

•Prior experience implementing or working with financial reporting systems is a strong plus.

•Experience with Microsoft ERP’s (Dynamics AX -Axapta, GP-Great Plains, SL-Solomon, NAV-Navision) is   a plus.

•Hands-on experience designing budgeting and forecasting models is a plus.

•Familiarity with T-SQL is a plus.

Offer: Solver is a premier Microsoft Business Intelligence partner (awarded “Global Microsoft BI Partner of the Year” in 2009) and offers a fun and educational environment ideal for personal growth. We are a software and services organization implementing both our own reporting, budgeting and data warehouse suite as well as custom solutions involving the entire Microsoft BI suite. Solver offers very competitive benefits including health, dental, vision, life, Simple IRA matching, company outings and more.

Travel: Yes, US/Canada (20%-30%)

US Citizenship or Green card required. – Candidate should reside in the Los Angeles area.

 *Please review the required qualifications before responding to this open position.

Please apply to: