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Solver is an innovative and easy-to-use corporate performance management (CPM) solution that supports these objectives by offering:

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  • Flexibility – To deploy even the most advanced reports, planning models and dashboards allowing for analysis of both financial and operational data.
  • Scalability – To handle large data sets and 10s to 100s of users.
  • Availability – 24/7 availability through global, secure cloud platform
  • Connectivity – Automated integration to all important data sources
  • Accessibility – Anywhere, anytime with just a browser and Internet required
  • Affordability – To provide excellent return on investment (ROI)

Ranked by users as one of the top cloud CPM solutions in the world, Solver is built for the rapidly evolving demands of companies aspiring to thrive in the 2020’s marketplace. Our solution provides a single, cloud-based solution that automates reporting, consolidations, budgeting and forecasting processes, and supports faster and better decisions based on key information from across the organization’s data sources.

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