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Mysoft operates in the Information & Communication Technologies market as a partner for companies and organizations in all sectors, for which it markets or develops management applications, offers consulting services, and helps companies succeed with projects that demand the ability to handle high technological and organizational complexity.


EFFEPI Informatica is an IT consulting company that has been representing the Italian market since 1989, delivering a great experience for the development and implementation of standard and customized software applications. With our expertise, we support companies in all stages of their software processing, including automation and modernization. We offer consulting services, design, implementation, and development of administrative management and production software that supports strategic data analysis and decision-making.


Over 40 years of history, Sarce has been able to select the best proposals of the IT market and transform them into innovative solutions for its customers: a large group of companies from SMBs among large national and multinational industries.


Horsa Abic’s skills are primarily methodological: corporate finance, management accounting, costing & pricing techniques, budget & forecast processes, and budget consolidation. These skills are combined with solid skills in the ICT field: data modeling, programming, business intelligence, and data visualization.