Oxigen has developed an “Executiv’Report” service combining the Solver’s SAAS platform with financial and operational reporting packs to manage companies’ performance

Oxigen is a business-oriented finance advisory firm which provides operational and customized solutions to companies for managing their high-stakes strategic situations through a transversal approach based on 3 areas of expertise


D-One Consulting, an integrator of decision-making solutions, provides a response to the competitive needs of companies by giving meaning to their data. D-One Consulting support those in their project development while respecting their previous choices and existing solutions. As an integrator, D-One Consulting aligns technological choices with the specific needs of their clients’ business, markets and objectives.

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SUPPLAÏ is a Supply Chain Planning and Business Intelligence software reseller, and provides also consulting, prototyping, training, and KPI implementation services. The office is headquartered in Paris, France.


Fastcube has been created to deliver expert guidance and leading solutions to help improve the organizational decision making and performance, drivers of business competitiveness today. Fastcube supports and advises their clients to integrate the next-generation decision-making solutions. Software more agile, more accessible and less expensive in implementation.