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BI360 Videos

Whether it’s our complete BI360 Suite or an individual BI module, see how Solver drives actionable decisions that result in better productivity across your organization.

BI360 Web Budgeting

BI360’s budgeting module provides your organization with a very flexible, high value-added budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution without the typical long implementation and high software cost of legacy planning solutions.

<p>BI360 Web Budgeting</p>

BI360 Live ERP Budgeting

Solver's self-service BI suite has Live ERP Budgeting capabilities that enable the input of budget data directly into the ERP.

<p>BI360 Live ERP Budgeting</p>

BI360 Web Reporting

Web-based reporting offers several benefits: lower maintenance fees, better transparency, on-demand reporting from anywhere.

<p>BI360 Web Reporting</p>

BI360 Web Dashboards

This video explores BI360's Dashboards module for data visualizations and analytics that give you total visibility into your business.

<p>BI360 Web Dashboards</p>

BI360 Data Warehouse

We created this short video to demonstrate just how easy and intuitive the BI360 data warehouse is to get up and running, and how effectively you can manage your company’s data.

<p>BI360 Data Warehouse</p>