Whether it’s our complete Solver Suite or an individual CPM module, see how Solver drives actionable decisions that result in better productivity across your organization.

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    Solver Report Design Overview

    Learn how to use Solver’s Excel-based report designer to build a new custom report.

    Solver Security Overview

    The Solver multi-tenant cloud CPM solution pairs the best of modern cloud security with ease of use.

    Driver-Based Forecasting

    With a driver-based forecast model, companies can quickly gain near real-time visibility into projected performance and model the outcomes of different business and economic scenarios.

    Multi-Scenario Forecasting

    Quickly and easily create and analyze multiple forecast versions to gain better visibility in rapidly changing market conditions.

    Solver Reporting and Analysis – User Overview of Software

    This brief video demonstration of Solver, provides a high-level overview of the CPM suite, and the user experience for end users and executives.

    Solver Reporting and Analysis – Power User Demonstration

    This brief video overview of Solver, provides a demonstration of the CPM suite, and how power users can build, maintain, and distribute reports.

    Solver Planning – Budget Administrator Overview of Software

    This video provides an overview of the comprehensive planning capabilities in the suite and shows how Solver can be used to automate the budgeting and forecasting process.

    Solver Planning – Budget and Forecast Input and Adjustments

    This video provides an overview of Solver’s CPM software, and how it can be used to streamline and automate the forecasting and budgeting process for budget contributors and end users.

    Hybrid Cloud Overview

    Solver’s Hybrid Cloud Connector provides a unique cloud-based solution that allows companies with supported on-premise ERPs to provide users with real-time reports for their ERP data and real-time budget write-back to their ERP’s general ledger. Read more about it or simply watch the video.

    Solver Reporting and Analysis – Migrating Reports from Other Report Writers

    This video you will see how any report from third party report writers that either are Excel-based or that can export to Excel can be migrated to become a Solver report.

    Consolidations, Eliminations, and Currency Conversion

    This brief video provides an overview of the key components of a comprehensive consolidation process, and how they can be automated and streamlined with Solver.

    Create Powerful Visualizations with Solver’s Connector to Tableau

    Solver’s prebuilt connector to Tableau allows users to create visualizations by combining data from across the organization. Watch the simple process as Solver creates a new Tableau visualization from scratch.


    Quick Solver Overview by Microsoft

    See what Solver has to offer in less than 6 minutes in a captivating demo done by the Microsoft team.

    Process Manager Overview

    Solver’s Process Manager is a useful tool to help companies easily define and track processes and process tasks. Since the Solver Process Manager is fully integrated into your Solver capabilities, this eliminates the need for additional windows or copy-pasting into third-party scheduling software. The Process Manager is simply easier to use, and faster too.

    Discover How Easy Budgeting & Reporting Can Be

    This video explains how Solver helps organizations accelerate better decisions across all levels of the company — with much more ease than you ever imagined.

    Introduction to the Solver Community

    Learn how to access the all-new Solver Community, and how to make the most of your free membership as a Community member.

    The Best of Both Worlds: Solver & Sage Intacct

    Find out what happens when you combine the power of Solver’s award-winning and highly advanced planning & reporting solution with the power of Sage Intacct.