A Comprehensive Suite of Retail Performance Management Solutions

    The Solver Suite includes everything you need to organize, report, forecast and analyze your performance data. Learn more about each of Solver’s modules:


    Create in-depth reports with an easy-to-use interface. The Solver Reporting module combines operational and financial data in a spreadsheet platform that enables these tasks:

    • Consolidate budgets and more to manage data on the corporate, regional and store level
    • Develop and track KPIs for individual stores and your company as a whole
    • Generate reports from templates centered around retail or define your own parameters

    Planning and Budgeting

    Forecast your financial and operational performance to develop budgets that give you results. The retail capabilities of the Solver Planning module include:

    • Predicting your sales and spending by store with robust what-if analyses
    • Plan and budget for new store openings based on actual data from similar stores
    • Developing and adjusting budgets based on possible customer behaviors
    • Creating multiple forecasts and financial strategies through unlimited budget versions


    Customize dashboards to provide real-time insights into data across your company. Understand your performance at a glance by:

    • Displaying data in easy-to-use and robust charts
    • Creating different dashboards for store-level, regional and corporate performance
    • Obtaining fast insights on your performance with sales simulation dashboards linked to Solver sales forecasts

    Data Warehouse

    Store operational and financial data across your company and view it through custom dimensions. With the Solver Data Warehouse, you can:

    • Import and combine financial and operational data from popular retail ERP, POS and CRM solutions
    • Convert currency automatically for international transactions
    • View data instantly through formatted reports and dashboards for complete insight to retail trends

    You can also check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series.

    Automate Financial

    Discover How Solver Can Transform Your Business Operations

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