Design reports in Solver’s cloud-connected Excel add-in and create professionally formatted reports that are shared in a modern web-portal. Solver Reporting will offer theses capabilities to your real estate business:

    • Creating real estate-specific financial and operational reports with drill-down using templates or custom reporting features
    • Consolidating multi-entity real estate businesses


    View charts of your key data in Microsoft’s leading Power BI visualization tool. With these real estate management dashboards integrated to Solver, you can:

    • Compare performance by project, region or agent
    • Define key performance indicators track them in an easy-to-read real estate metrics dashboard

    Data Warehouse

    Store data from multiple sources to see all of your important information in one place. Solver Data Warehouse boosts real estate performance through:

    • Automated data loading that provides you with current company and market information
    • Integrations with popular ERP and CRM platforms from Microsoft, Sage, SAP, Salesforce and other vendors

    Budgeting and Forecasting

    Plan your finances and operations based on past performance. Let the Solver Planning Module assist with forecasting by:

    • Providing unlimited budget versions to account for multiple possibilities in your real estate market
    • Planning at the level of detail you choose to build strategies on the company, agency and agent level
    Automate Financial

    Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Analytics Software

    Solver’s real estate data analysis software helps you make smart business decisions through information-based management. Use metrics to power your company through:

    • Scalable performance tracking: Track KPIs and other performance indicators on a company-wide level, or scale tracking down to an individual agency or agent.
    • Data-informed business decisions: Tap into historical data on your company’s performance to identify market opportunities and make smart property investments.
    • Performance goal management: Set and track performance goals related to business aspects like agent sales, profitability and budget adherence.

    Find Out More About Our Real Estate Reporting and Planning Software

    Stay on top of the real estate market with Solver’s real estate budgeting software. Get more information on our software solutions by contacting our representatives online. You can also check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series.