Benefits of Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting for Pharmaceutical Companies

    A data-informed pharmaceutical budget and strategy will help you stay in competition with the rest of the pharmaceutical industry. With Solver’s pharmaceutical reporting software, your company can:

    Predict the Impact of Business Decisions

    Before you decide on your next project or product, you can use Solver’s software for pharmaceutical companies to forecast its performance and benefits for your company. What-if analyses and unlimited budgets help you prepare for any possibility.

    Understand Client and Patient Needs

    By combining data on sales, drug trials and patient inquiries, you can determine what your market wants from you. Solver pulls information from all of your sources to give you a comprehensive understanding of your clients and patients.

    Develop Product Strategies Based on Market Trends

    Data on sales, product development, launch costs and demand can help you find the best strategy for upcoming products. Solver regularly pulls data to give you a current look at trends, allowing you to adapt to incoming changes.

    Check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series.

    Automate Financial

    Solver Pharmaceutical Budgeting and Reporting Software Features

    Harness the power of the Solver Suite in four data modules:

    • Reporting: The Solver Reporting module features a familiar cloud-connected spreadsheet interface for report design with an easy-to-use, web portal that provides self-service report viewing and drill-down for end users and executives.
    • Forecasting and Budgeting: Using Solver’s Planning module, you can create what-if analyses and unlimited budget and forecast versions to improve your financial management in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Dashboards: Custom dashboards based on a direct integration to Microsoft’s market-leading Power BI visualization tool. View data on inventory, suppliers, revenue and other critical metrics in custom charts.
    • Data Warehouse: Combine data from multiple sources in the Solver Data Warehouse, for centralized reporting and planning without the need to log into various data sources and their native reporting tools.

    Discover How to Power Your Business Decisions With Solver

    Give your business a competitive advantage with Solver’s data reporting capabilities. Learn more about our solutions by contacting our team online.