Benefits of Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations

    Tap into your nonprofit’s potential with Solver’s data tools. Our CPM software will empower your organization to:

    Discover More Funding Opportunities

    Solver includes in-depth reporting and forecasting tools that help you appeal to donors and grantmakers. It will help you pinpoint your organization’s strengths to present to possible funding sources.

    Meet Your Mission

    Using Solver’s solutions, you can also find new ways to achieve your organization’s mission. When you integrate all of your data with the Solver Data Warehouse, you can view your nonprofit’s accomplishments to discover how it best achieves your goals.

    Automate Financial

    Solver’s Nonprofit Budgeting Software and Performance Management Features

    Use the power of these four Solver modules to optimize your nonprofit operations:

    • Reporting: The Solver Reporting module features a familiar cloud-connected spreadsheet interface for report design with an easy-to-use, web portal that provides self-service report viewing and drill-down for end users and executives.
    • Forecasting and Budgeting: Using Solver’s Planning module, you can create what-if analyses and unlimited budget and forecast versions to plan for multiple financial situations.
    • Dashboards: Custom dashboards based on a direct integration to Microsoft’s market-leading Power BI visualization tool. View data on funds, grants, operational expenses, revenue and other critical metrics in custom charts.
    • Data Warehouse: Combine data from multiple sources in the Solver Data Warehouse, for centralized reporting and planning without the need to log into various data sources and their native reporting tools.

    Learn More About Solver for Nonprofits

    Give your organization the data tools it needs to achieve your mission. Discover the Solver suite of solutions by contacting us online today. You can also check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series.