Benefits of Using Solver CPM Software for Manufacturing

    When you choose Solver as your solution for manufacturing reporting software, your business will take advantage of benefits such as:

    • Scalability: Organize data on whatever scale you need — company-wide, by region, facility, product, supplier, customer or by staff member.
    • Comprehensive data management: View and analyze data across your ERP reporting tools and other sources to create custom reports that use multiple dimensions.
    • Cross-department collaboration: Request data from all of your departments to get insights on company-wide performance.
    • A portable and secure cloud platform: Access Solver securely using any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
    Automate Financial

    How CPM Software Can Transform Your Manufacturing Business

    With Solver’s suite of operational and financial software for manufacturing, you can empower your business to:

    • Pinpoint and meet demands: Tap into Solver’s insights to discover your customers’ demands and design strategies to meet them. Solver can report your manufacturing and sales trends, then generate forecasts based on your existing data. You can build data-informed business approaches that give your customers what they want.
    • Make smart staffing decisions: Aggregate data on your teams and staff members to discover labor costs and performance trends. Determine which facilities and workers make you the most money to teach the rest of your staff how to succeed.
    • Adapt to market trends: Discover market trends as they form so you can keep up with the competition. Learn which tactics and products succeed to focus on building them up in your business.

    Learn More About Solver for Manufacturing

    Give your manufacturing company a cutting edge with Solver’s powerful manufacturing reporting tool. For more information, contact our team online. You can also check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series.