Government CPM Software Solutions

    CPM government features from Solver empower your agency to transform your planning processes and data management. These tasks help you perform more efficient government reporting, budgeting, and analysis:

    Define KPIs for Added Efficiency

    In the government sector, success has multiple definitions. Solver’s key performance indicator (KPI) dictionary lets you create KPI formulas that measure preset and custom parameters.

    View Operational and Financial Data in One Platform

    Running separate government budgeting solutions and government financial reporting software can make it difficult to organize data. Solver collects information from all important aspects of administration for use in a single platform.

    Automate Financial

    Solver’s Government Budgeting and Reporting Tools

    The Solver Suite includes these four modules for budgeting, reporting, analysis and forecasting:

    Develop in-depth reports and allocations related to finances, personnel and other resources in a familiar cloud-connected Excel spreadsheet interface. Deliver them to end users in Solver’s modern web portal.


    Make your budget smarter and more efficient with workflow, comments, detailed web-based input forms for all budgeting areas, as well as automatic allocation spreading over time and input for multiple years, months, weeks or days.


    Design custom dashboards with Solver’s Microsoft Power BI for government integration to present data and KPIs in easy-to-understand visualizations.

    Data Warehouse

    Organize data from numerous sources into modules and dimensions you can view in-platform.

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