Features for Performance and Financial Management in Educational Institutions

    Solver includes these four modules for data-informed performance management:


    Perform comprehensive single and multi-year planning based on multiple what-if scenarios such as different enrollment rates and changes in payroll and benefits. With a modern, cloud-based educational budgeting solution software like Solver, you can also use collaboration and workflow features to make it easier manage the budget process itself, and end-users enter budgets with ease through Solver’s web-based portal.


    Generate professionally formatted reports and budget books across data on finances, HR, student and curriculum information, capital programs and other aspects involved in financial management in higher education. Use the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint integration to automatically update documents and presentations.


    Create custom Power BI dashboards that display your most critical KPIs at a glance using real-time charts.

    Data Warehouse

    Organize data from your financial management software, payroll, grant and student information programs into a single intelligent data warehouse to get fast insights on your performance.

    Automate Financial

    Why Choose Solver as Your Education Financial Management System Software?

    Schools, organizations and businesses depend on the Solver Suite for these benefits and more:

    • Secure and versatile cloud platform: Solver operates on a cloud-based platform that empowers you to manage your data anywhere securely.
    • Comprehensive support: We offer training, support and consulting, including the video-based Solver Academy, to help you make the most of your Solver Suite.
    • Top-rated CPM solutions: G2 considers Solver to be one of their top CPM solutions based on user satisfaction ratings.

    Request a Demo or Get More Information

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