Connect Company Data Sources in a Multi-Cloud World

    Leverage diverse data types with a single, high performance data warehouse platform that you can configure for company-specific analytics. In this multi-cloud and multi-system enterprise technology era, a modern, pre-built data warehouse allows you and your team to hit the ground running with a solution that consolidates your company information.

    Priced and Built for the Mid-Market

    Leave behind the traditionally complex, expensive and risky planning and implementation of a “homegrown” data warehouse, often with mediocre results. Instead, deploy the Solver corporate Data Warehouse software in days or weeks instead of months or years, and at a fraction of the cost and risk of your own data warehouse project.

    Perform Financial Consolidations

    Reconcile multi-company financials or simply bring together disparate data sources for richer analyses, using the flexible and customizable data warehouse to store, organize, and utilize company information. The platform is business user friendly, so team members across your organization can access and manage company data.

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    Solver Warehouse Features

    Manage all of your business data in one place with robust features such as:

    • Easy configuration with user-friendly interface
    • Automated data loading with Solver’s ETL tool
    • Combine Financial and Operational Data
    • Easily view data in Data Explorer
    • Easily add modules and dimensions
    • Unlimited Trees on any dimension
    • Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Azure based
    • Fully integrated with Solver Suite

    Solver’s High Performance Data Warehouse Software Tools In-Depth

    The data warehouse’s most powerful features include:

    Simple Configuration

    There is no installation as the Solver Data Warehouse comes with your Solver cloud tenant. In other words, you can immediately  start configuration and data loading. Implement your new, high performance data warehouse in a few steps:

    • Log into your new Solver cloud tenant
    • Choose the number of years you want to open up in the time dimension
    • If applicable: Set up currencies, rates and rate types
    • Configure the Connector to your data source(s)
    • Load your data
    • Import or design reports, budgeting templates and, if applicable, Power BI dashboards

    Solver ETL Automated Data Loading

    Solver offers various ERP, CRM and generic connectors for load your data. Get trained or work together with a consultant to configure the connector(s) and aggregate data from all of your sources. By offering an integrated ETL tool in the Solver suite, you get automated data loading that eliminates typical manual steps. With the Solver Data Warehouse and ETL tool, you can perform automatic data transfers to keep your information accurate and current.

    Financial and Operational Data Integration

    Manage and analyze financial and operational data in one place. With your information on finances and operations in the same data warehouse, you can find trends and exceptions in performance for smarter business decisions. Solver works with a wide range of data sources and integrates with popular platforms such as:

    Benefits of a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Data Warehouse

    Increased Efficiency

    A robust CPM data warehouse streamlines the data storage and analysis processes through a single platform. Solver makes it easy to import and export data from multiple sources using simple actions. The data warehouse comes with many pre-configured modules to make reporting and analysis easier than ever. Custom modules will empower you to create datasets that matter to your business in a fraction of the time of a traditional spreadsheet.

    Ease of Use

    We implemented a variety of easy-to-use features in the Solver Data Warehouse. These easy-to-understand tools will enable you to become an information powerhouse:

    • Seamless data transfer: Solver imports and exports data among applications smoothly to optimize your information storage.
    • Data viewer: The Solver Data Explorer lets you display, filter and group information in the application without generating a report.
    • Customizable attributes: Add and customize attributes for any of your dimensions for easier data organization and analysis.
    • Dimension and Module Management: Add new dimensions and modules with a few button clicks.

    Reporting and Dashboard Capabilities

    With Solver Data Warehouse, you can report on any number of dimensions and modules (data) in the same report. Using Solver’s powerful, cloud-connected Excel add-in, you can design virtually any type of report your organization needs and professionally format it. Your end users can run the reports or enter budget and forecast data directly in the Solver cloud portal using their web browser. Using Solver’s Power BI connector you can easily move any of your data over to Power BI for professional dashboards in the world’s leading visualization tool.

    Configuration Features

    Transform your Solver Data Warehouse into a sophisticated tool for your business with user-friendly, menu-driven configuration options. Modify these aspects of the application and data warehouse:

    • Accounts
    • User-defined dimensions
    • Time periods
    • Trees
    • Modules
    • Data labels
    • Business Rules
    • Currency

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