Access and Visualize Company Data for Quick Insights

With BI360's web portal, all of your reporting and budgeting end users get access to dashboards. BI360 dashboards unify your most important assets - your people and your data. These convenient, web-based dashboards help you visualize trends, identify issues, and ultimately drive success, whether you deploy on-premises or in the Cloud. BI360 provides real-time dashboards to many pre-integrated, ERP systems as well as to the BI360 Data Warehouse.

BI360 Dashboard Features

  • Drag & drop ad-hoc analysis
  • Chart library for visualizations
  • Analyze Operational or Financial data
  • KPI Dictionary to pre-define formulas
  • Charts can be used with Reports
  • Support for 3rd Party tools like Power BI
  • Fully integrated with BI360 Suite