Solver BI360 Suite

For your industry

Robust BI360 solutions for many industries

Whether it’s retail, healthcare, government, or education, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful, cost-effective BI solutions for your specific business.


See how BI360 helps retail organizations with geographically dispersed locations and online sales consolidate, view and understand their data to deliver better financial and forecasting insight.


With BI360, healthcare providers can better manage their performance through user-friendly planning, budgeting, reporting, dashboard and data warehouse tools running on a cost-efficient Microsoft platform.


As federal, state and local governments look for powerful BI solutions to drive performance and reduce costs, Solver’s planning, budgeting, reporting, dashboards and data warehouse modules are proving to be invaluable tools.


See how we’re driving Performance Management initiatives for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis, dashboards, and data warehousing at higher education institutions today.

Not for Profit

Explore how to automate your budget process, as well as quickly report and analyze by important business areas, such as departments, programs, projects, grants, and membership and track the impact and progress of your initiatives.


Discover powerful reporting, budgeting and more for Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos.


Benefit from a financial and operational reporting solution that is flexible enough to handle both your internal needs, as well as regulatory reporting requirements, in addition to budgeting and dashboards.

Credit Unions

Monthly financial reports? Call Reports? Budgets? Loan Performance Reporting? Dashboards? No problem with the BI360 suite and its easy-to-manage Data Warehouse.


Drive progress with fully integrated reporting, budgeting and dashboards to monitor and plan for financials, sales, drug trials, reimbursement programs, and patient assistance.


Improve cost control and performance with a complete BI suite to help manage budgets, financials and metrics for monthly reporting, sales, marketing programs, and claims.


Drive sales and margins with reporting, dashboards and budgeting to analyze and plan for inventory metrics, logistics,

Professional Services

Use BI360 to plan and control all aspects of your professional services operations, including monthly financial reporting, as well as operational reporting, budgeting and dashboards for projects, clients, professional staff and consultants.

Real Estate

Improve performance and visibility across real estate offices with reporting, budgeting and dashboards to measure and analyze real estate projects, agent and regional sales, stock, and partnerships with financial institutions.