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Visualization and trend analysis for the masses

With BI360’s web portal deployed, ALL of your reporting and budgeting end users get free access to dashboards. BI360 dashboards unify your most important assets—your people and your data. These convenient, web-based dashboards help you visualize trends, identify issues, and ultimately drive success. BI360 provides real-time dashboards to many pre-integrated, ERP systems as well as to the BI360 Data Warehouse.

Easy integration and intuitive design

Install BI360, then immediately start creating your first dashboard and see results in minutes, not weeks! In half a day, your power users will learn how to design BI360 dashboards that will transform the way your managers look at information and their ability to discover trends, analyze and drill down. Dashboards can be highly summarized and KPI-based for executives, but they can also be detailed operational dashboards for line managers and end users across the organization. Data feeds can come from your ERP system as well as from any other data source you feed to the BI360 Data Warehouse.

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Collaboration for dashboards

BI360 dashboards are housed in the same BI360 web portal that offers powerful collaboration functionality, allowing your organization to access, discuss and share new insights from dashboard analysis. Now you can make better decisions, with better information, to drive productivity across your organization.


Simplify and streamline with the BI360 suite

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and dashboard solutions with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training & support, less IT and consulting dependencies.

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BI360 dashboard features

  • Completely web-based, both for designers and end-users.
  • Out-of-the box integration to thousands of fields in many major ERPs.
  • Use stand-alone or in conjunction with the BI360 Reporting and Planning modules.
  • BI360’s dashboard designer module features a rich set of graphical components that allows detailed dashboard requirements to be met.
  • Power users use the dashboard designer module to pre-define various dashboard layouts for managers with different analytical requirements.
  • Individualized dashboards can be designed ‘on-the-fly’ with little training by simply dragging and dropping pre-linked graphical components (“widgets”) onto the screen.
  • Power users set up a library of dashboards or reports for users to choose from.
  • Dashboards can be viewed with only a web browser required.