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Excel, Web and Mobile

BI360’s budgeting module provides your organization with a very flexible, high value-added budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution without the typical long implementation and high software cost of legacy planning solutions.

Pre-defined and industry-specific models

The intuitive, Excel and Web-based interface of BI360's Budgeting and Forecasting module allows you to quickly create and deploy input templates based on your existing budget model, or you can take advantage of BI360’s flexibility to completely redesign and modernize your model. There are also a number of pre-defined templates you can take advantage of to simplify and expedite the implementation.

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Collaboration for budgeting

BI360’s Budgeting and Forecasting module integrates seamlessly with full collaboration functionality, allowing your organization to access, review and share new insights into your budgeting activities. Discuss and define strategic plans and related targets, and then share these with the budget users. The collaboration features also provide the perfect workflow and discussion forum during the budget process to drive participation as well as understanding of corporate goals and objectives.

bi360 budgeting

Simplify and streamline the planning process

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and analytical software with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training and support, less IT and consulting dependencies.

bi360 budgeting

BI360 budgeting, forecasting and modeling features

  • Choose between Web and Excel-based data entry for your end users.
  • Three types of Input Sheet methods: standard BI360 templates, customize standard BI360 templates, or design your own input forms.
  • Capture budgets and forecasts with input forms for profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, payroll, capital expenses, revenues, and more.
  • Design or use input templates for monthly forecasting and modeling.
  • Allows for multi-year budgets and rolling forecasts.
  • Break-back modeling: Enter targets such as Net Profit and have BI360 automatically generate the budget or forecast based on algorithms.
  • Predictive analytics: Use special BI360 prediction models to estimate revenues based on external and internal risks and opportunities, and BI360 will automatically calculate the expense side of the budget and forecast for one or multiple years forward.
  • Prescriptive analytics: Set thresholds and initiatives and let BI360 monitor cash, sales, profit and other indicators and alert your management teams with prescribed actions based on business rules.
  • Allocations: BI360 can perform simple or advanced multi-step allocations. For example, allocate expenses from a corporate entity and out to operating units, or allocate expenses from departments and out to projects, products or customers for profitability models.
  • Built-in spreading tools as well as line item details.
  • Text comments can be applied at any level.
  • Unlimited number of versions for budgets, forecasts and modeling scenarios.
  • Advanced workflow, with multi-step approvals, notifications and discussion area.
  • Modern and detailed user security.
  • Very rich, analytical and easy to understand end-user environment.