This article focuses on financial reporting and roll-up solutions for not-for-profit organizations utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

NFP Fin Cons GP
Financial reporting and consolidations can mean different things to different people. Many larger Microsoft Dynamics GP not-for-profit customers are managing the finances of a parent organization with multiple locations rolling up to it. First things first, let’s define financial roll-ups or ‘consolidations’ as it is typically called in the corporate world. It can simply mean that an organization is combining data from multiple locations either as part of the planning process or for reporting purposes. It can also mean a lot more than just combining data. Financial consolidation is the process of aggregating transactional data from several departments and from multiple business entities within a company for the parent company. In these cases, simply combining data can be complex for multiple reasons. For instance, legal entities can have different charts of accounts or fiscal years. They may also be partially owned. This article will explore the elements and functionalities of financial consolidation for your non-profit organization using Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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In this article, modern financial consolidation solutions will take center stage, particularly for multi-location Non-profit organizations using Intacct to manage parent company finances.

There is a population of non-profit Intacct customers who are overseeing the financials of their organization with multiple locations or entities.  Consolidating organizational information from more than one location, sometimes with diverse currencies, can be tedious without a premier financial consolidation solution.  Data continues to grow in size and significance in terms of decision-making.  More executives than ever are shopping for the right tool to allow their business end users to aggregate data into a set of financial statements or for summarized operational reports.  This article will zoom in on features and functionalities for the non-profit Intacct user who performs consolidations for monthly financials or annual budgets for the parent organization.
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This article will discuss the details of the revolutionary future of planning processes that has officially arrived for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users – web budgeting.

What can I say about budgeting and forecasting that I haven’t already said?  On this blog, I have written about the importance of shopping for business user friendly, dynamic, and collaborative planning solutions.  A discussion of the costs associated with implementation of planning software drilled down into the details of budgeting for…a budgeting solution.  I’ve pointed out some tips on how to shop for the right tool for your team’s specific business needs, and all the while, I have been quick to acknowledge how frustrating of a process that budgeting has traditionally been.  But there’s something on the horizon – the future of budgeting, as we currently know it, has arrived.  Web budgeting is rolling out from some independent software vendors (ISVs), and this article will cover this development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.
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