This article will discuss the Management Reporter (MR), as it relates to modern, dynamic financial reporting output for Microsoft Dynamics users.

At the beginning of 2016, it appeared that, all of a sudden, Management Reporter (MR) was trending as a topic of conversation – both in the blogosphere and in person, amongst Microsoft Dynamics users.  It all seems to have started when Mark Polino, Director of Client Services at Fastpath and perhaps more importantly, a 9-time Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award winner, wrote about MR at the beginning of the year – and he expressed his frustration and disappointment.  The article he wrote for has apparently struck a chord with Dynamics users as it has been brought to my attention several times.  Joining this discussion, I’d like to write about a pretty simple question: does MR for Microsoft Dynamics support your Business Intelligence (BI) strategy?
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This article will take a look at Management Reporter as a financial report writing tool, in terms of the investment you will make implementing and managing the product, in comparison to other solutions.

As with pretty much all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Microsoft Dynamics has a number of reporting options for their ERP customers from native report writers in Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, and SL to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to Management Reporter.  This blog article will zoom in on Management Reporter as a Microsoft offering designed to solve financial reporting “problems” – and knowing how to evaluate your specific needs and to know if Management Reporter will help you to achieve your Business Intelligence (BI) goals.
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