The other day, I met with Solver’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Applegate to talk about the next generation cloud-based tools. I made my way to his office, which is located right next to the kitchen – how convenient, right? His office has multiple brainstorming sessions of project ideas and notes on the white wall to your right when you walk in and simple black photo frames of his two beautiful children propped behind his desk.
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This article will discuss the topic of security in the Cloud and web-based technology world, specifically for modern, powerful Business Intelligence software.

It seems like a truly endless list of elements to consider when shopping for the best Business Intelligence (BI) software to help you achieve dynamic analytics.  However, as technology in general moves to the Cloud and/or web-based platforms, with BI tools following suit, one aspect has always stood out as a leading concern for consumer.  This concern has relaxed over time, but security seems like a sensible question mark because we have traditionally worked with platforms that we can manage on-premises.  And while security is still an issue with on-premises solutions, perhaps the tangibility and possession of the solution makes us feel more comfortable – or maybe it’s just the newness of Cloud computing and web-based technology.  This article will approach the topic of security head on, specifically with a focus on Cloud and web-based BI solutions.
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When deciding if an on-premises or SaaS platform is better for your company’s next business intelligence (BI) solution, there are several aspects to consider.  This article will discuss the pros and cons of both options, so that you can navigate to a decision a little easier.

One element of Business Intelligence (BI) software implementation you cannot avoid these days involves the debate about on-premise technology versus a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.  The traditional software approach entails purchasing software, housing and managing it on-site.  However, as SaaS or Cloud platforms builds momentum as an attractive, relevant alternative, the conversation heats up for customers and vendors alike.
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