CPMnetflixThis article will look at the power of modern cloud financial reporting through the lens of powerful storytelling, as delivered by Netflix’s Okja.
Sometimes, a movie comes along that captures a generation and perhaps even changes the culture. But unfortunately, with the amount of content and sheer number of options to stream, view, or purchase movies, television, and other video, it’s hard for any particular movie to stand out and captivate such a wide audience. That said, I have recently watched a Netflix original film, called Okja, and while it definitely got a solid promotional campaign in my part of the world, I don’t think it has quite permeated the culture the way that it arguably should have. However, a key takeaway for this one-time English major was the power of storytelling as a way to enable decision-making. This article will focus on how the right kind of storytelling can drive world-class decision-making, from Okja to financial reporting.
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