This article discusses in detail the new product category of web-based reporting in an intuitive, powerful library for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.

The future of Business Intelligence (BI) and more specifically, financial reporting, is here – and it would be a mistake to ignore it.  I’m talking about the importance of a comprehensive solution that responds to several organizational needs, while putting ease of use, flexibility, and collaboration at the core of the technology.  Let me be more specific: a web-based report library for Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes financial reporting to the next level – a new normal of synergy, modernity, and business user friendliness.  As technology marketplaces continue to move in the direction of Cloud computing and web-based products, so does the BI sector.  This article will discuss some of Dynamics NAV users’ needs addressed by a web-based report library as a framework to understand the new product category better for consumers.
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Automation is the functionality that makes all modern BI features that much more valuable.  This article will discuss automated budgeting and reporting for Dynamics NAV as a way to more efficiently analyze company data, so you can get to the other tasks on your plate.

Articles about reporting and budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV are all over the place – in print, on LinkedIn, in search results.  In fact, I have written about reporting and budgeting, specifically for Dynamics NAV, on this blog before.  I would imagine that someone who reads these articles might have a subconscious response to the authors: “Maybe you think that generating reports and putting together budgets – and reading about them – is all I do for a living.”  If this is the case, I understand the sentiment.
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