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Selecting a Budgeting and Forecasting solution should include a comparison of products to ensure that the software meets company needs.  This article will discuss a handful of budgeting solutions to help consumers understand how to secure a return on investment.

Budgeting and forecasting within any company entails more than one person bringing data and research to the table to project what the next (or the rest of the) fiscal year will bring, in terms of revenue and expenses, and sometimes for balance sheet items and cash flow.  There are several options for budgeting and forecasting for an organization – whether it is homegrown, a feature within an already-employed software, or independent software solutions.  This blog article will go about comparing budgeting software in an effort to understand the options better.
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The information you are reading is more than 2 years old and may be outdated. Read new blogs.

BI360 not only supports all departmental budgets, but supports revenue details, capital expenses, employee budgets and more. With BI360, budgeting and reporting processes become tightly integrated and easily accessed, all within a modern Microsoft Excel add-in for dynamic input forms and reports and with a SQL Server database on the back-end.
Plus, with BI360’s highly customizable capabilities, budgeting administrators can set upcentralized workflow with “social” collaboration features so that contributors and approvers can easily communicate objectives, comment and propose changes, saving valuable time and resources in your budgeting process.

By controlling the entire workflow process, BI360 facilitates a smoother, more efficient budgeting process across your entire organization. Be sure to watch our video to see how BI360 can save your company significant time and money in your budgeting process.  Watch now.