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This article will detail the effects of a commercial data warehouse for manufacturing and distribution organizations utilizing Microsoft Dynamics AX for their financials.

Data is the rightful buzzword for this era of business, perhaps especially for manufacturing and distribution organizations trying to meet their roadmap goals.  As data continues to grow in size and significance, data warehousing becomes a related task for modern business.  Even if you know a thing or two about data warehouses, you might have some questions or curiosities about them and how they relate to your manufacturing and/or distribution analytical processes.  Who manages a data warehouse? Are they like anything besides an OLAP cube?  At what point should a manufacturing and/or distribution corporation install one?  Cloud or on-premise?  How do we set up a data warehouse?  As a manufacturing or distribution Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, you likely have at least one of these questions.  This article will do the work of answering some of the more frequently asked questions, so you can more clearly see how data warehousing can be a solution for data management objectives with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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This article discusses dashboard solutions for Professional Services organizations hoping to expand their Microsoft Dynamics AX analytics.

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We’re all collecting data – stacks and stacks of data. How do we use this data to make it worthwhile? It often comes down to dashboards and data visualizations including charts and graphs. According to Gartner’s survey on financial Executive International CFO Technology, dashboards and scorecards are top priorities in terms of software that executives are seeking. Companies are bombarded with useful information every day, but they often find it challenging to consolidate the information into digestible bits that can be utilized and implemented. Because business is constantly changing and moving quickly, analytics that are accessible and easily digestible is essential.  With dashboards, you have access to graphs, charts, and scorecards that illustrate trajectories, victories, and challenges through key performance indicators (KPIs) and your information to effectively keep a project or the entire company on track.
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In this article, data warehouses for Professional Services organizations will take center stage, with a focus on expanding Microsoft Dynamics AX analytical processes.

Data is increasingly more important in today’s business world, perhaps especially for Professional Services organizations.  As data informs decision-making at all levels, Professional Services organizations are striving to stay on budget and on track with projects, vendors, clients, and so forth, a data warehouse can be positively impactful in supporting Business Intelligence (BI) analyses.  If you’re new to data warehousing as a solution, you might have some questions.  This article will go about answering your questions about data warehousing as a Professional Services organization using Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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This article discusses budgeting and forecasting solutions for Professional Services teams, zooming in on the top feature and functionalities for Dynamics AX users.

Budgeting can be challenging, regardless of your industry, but fortunately, it is getting more dynamic and user friendly with today’s solutions to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics AX tasks.  For Professional Services organizations, planning is just as important, but is unique to the nature of the sector – and this is true for most industries, regarding particular budgeting demands.  Plenty of companies are still utilizing Excel for homegrown budget processes, but today’s budgeting demands are more sophisticated than what the spreadsheet application can deliver.  If you’re seeking an independent software vendor (ISV) budgeting tool that enables you to pull historical data from Dynamics AX, as well as payroll and other company- or industry-specific data sources for an aggregated financial plan that is the result of collaboration, this article is a must-read.
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This article will discuss your options for the best financial consolidations solution to expand your Microsoft Dynamics AX experience as a retail company.

There is a population of retail Microsoft Dynamics AX users who are overseeing the financials for a parent organization’s multiple subsidiaries.  Aggregating operational and transactional data from multiple entities, sometimes with more than one currency, can be challenging without one of today’s financial consolidations solutions.  As the amount and importance of data steadily grows, corporate decision-makers can’t avoid needing a solution that can help consolidate information into a singular set of financial reports.  If you are using Dynamics AX as a retail company, this article will hopefully help you familiarize yourself with options for an easy-to-use, dynamic consolidation software.
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In this article, financial reporting solutions for Professional Services organizations utilizing Microsoft Dynamics AX will take center stage, so you can make the best software investment.

In today’s business world, maybe particularly for Professional Services organizations, a modern, dynamic financial reporting tool is vital to remaining competitive in your industry, making decisions to maneuver through the ups and downs of the economy, while developing the business and your brand.  This article will focus on the best financial report writers today, discussing the premier features and functionalities, so you can invest in the best reporting tool to expand your Professional Services organization’s Microsoft Dynamics AX experience.
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Today’s dynamic, business user friendly dashboard solutions are expanding the Microsoft Dynamics AX data management and analytical experience for Manufacturing and Distribution companies.

Dashboards, dashboards, dashboards.  I feel like every time I turn around, I’m hearing about some kind of dashboard – and that is especially true in the Business Intelligence (BI) realm.  This is probably because they are such a popular investment for executives, especially with their accessible, digestible data visualizations.  Dashboards deliver quick and easy analytics for the fast pace of business decision-making.  Also known as data visualizations, dashboards come in the form of charts, graphs, and scorecards that illustrate your data in trajectories, challenges, and opportunities through key performance indicators (KPIs) for projects, departments, and/or the entire company.
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This article covers budgeting and forecasting for Retail companies that rely on Microsoft Dynamics AX, with a specific look at modern feature and functionality offerings.

No matter if you are budgeting, forecasting, or analyzing what-if scenarios for your company, they all consist of historical actuals and projections, so you can plan specifically for managing your retail organization, circumventing obstacles and maximizing your momentum in the coming period.  There are several tools that can assist retail companies using Dynamics AX to expand their planning processes, whether you choose to craft your own method, rely on the native Dynamics AX budgeting function, or opt for an independent software vendor (ISV) solution.  In this article, I’ll discuss your top options for today’s budgeting, forecasting, and modeling, specifically to meet your retail planning objectives with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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In this article, Budgeting and Forecasting for Manufacturing and Distribution companies using Microsoft Dynamics AX will take center stage, with a focus on features and functionality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re crafting a budget, a forecast, or a what-if analysis for your corporation – they all require actual historical figures and projected numbers, so you can strategize effectively for management of your manufacturing or distribution business, overcoming hurdles and maximizing opportunities in the next period.  There are plenty of solutions that can help manufacturing and distribution organizations relying on Dynamics AX to upgrade their planning tasks, whether you decide to design your own procedure, depend on built-in Dynamics AX functionality, or go with a third party tool.  This article will explore some of your top options for modern budgeting, forecasting, and modeling particularly to meet your manufacturing or distribution planning goals with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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This article covers data warehouse solutions, both in general and in specific for retail companies who are seeking to expand their Microsoft Dynamics AX analytics.

In today’s fast-paced business world, perhaps especially for retail corporations, data is essential.  Because data is driving decision-making, retail companies are strategizing to stay on budget and on track with their stores, customers, vendors, managers, and so on – and a data warehouse can be really impactful in supporting Business Intelligence (BI) analyses.  As with most technology, if you aren’t already using a modern offering, you probably have questions.  This article will go about answering the most common questions you might have about data warehousing with Microsoft Dynamics AX for your retail company.
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