Microsoft Dynamics 365 has Accelerated the Cloud ERP Revolution, but What About Your Reporting and Budgeting Needs?

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This article discusses next steps to take for your reporting and budgeting needs regarding Dynamics 365. Microsoft unveiled their cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Dynamics 365, just a little over a month ago. As a potential…

How Does Business Intelligence for Dynamics GP Benefit My Department?

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This article will focus on the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI) for the sales, marketing, human resources, and information technology departments using Dynamics GP. Each department has an important role in a company. As a department…

What Does My Company Do With Reporting and Budgeting When Dynamics GP Is Moving to the Cloud?

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This article focuses on the future of Dynamics GP Users and their Reporting and Budgeting tools. Why are many companies still keeping their Dynamics GP ERP system on-premise when there is a cloud option available? Some may not know…

Common Management Reporter Challenges and Alternatives for Microsoft Dynamics AX Users

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This article will focus on alternative report writers for Dynamics AX users who share common Management Reporter (MR) issues. As a regular subscriber to several Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) user groups, I’ve…

Understanding What Executives Look for in Business Intelligence with Dynamics GP

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In this article, we will explore the perspectives of some key leaders in regard to BI software that reports on, plans with, showcases, or manages Microsoft Dynamics GP data. Oftentimes, the executive team tasks an employee, usually in the finance…

Excel- and Web-based Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article will discuss your financial reporting options for your Dynamics GP. Your organization needs a powerful and dynamic financial reporting tool to help you stay competitive in your industry by managing and analyzing your data without…

With Management Reporter riding into the Sunset, what is next?

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As many Management Reporter (MR) customers and partners have now heard, there were two announcements from Microsoft in the past few weeks about the future of Management Reporter: one was at the Amplify conference in Anaheim, California on Sunday,…

Best Report Writers for Microsoft Dynamics Users Using Management Reporter

This article will focus on Management Reporter (MR) and the options for investing in a new reporting tool. Management Reporter (MR) is an interactive reporting application that was designed for business professionals that can use the application…

End of development for Microsoft’s Forecaster and Management Reporter tools – now what?

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Recently, in two separate announcements, Microsoft has stated that they will no longer develop their Forecaster budgeting tool and their Management Reporter financial report writer. How does this impact the almost 200,000 Dynamics AX, GP, SL…

2015: Solver CEO Reviews the Year in BI

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This article is an interview with Solver CEO, Nils Rasmussen, who discusses developments in Business Intelligence in 2015 and how Solver fits into that culture – and the future. What can you tell us about what is going on in terms of developments…

2014: A Year in Review with Solver's CEO

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Solver CEO, Nils Rasmussen, to discuss developments in the BI sector and how Solver fits into the growing and competitive marketplace.  He explains evolutions for BI processes and the software…

Excel, Web, and Mobile Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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When it comes to financial reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most practical element to look for to meet company needs, besides ease of use, is flexibility.  This article will explore and discuss the most important features to look for…