This article will discuss what’s at stake in terms of how you leverage diverse company data types to enable optimized decision-making in 2018.
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This article is the second in a series about how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications can function as a true solution, this time specifically in regard to reporting and analysis challenges businesses face with data spread across multiple cloud and on-premise systems.
Last week, I wrote about this multi-cloud world that we are definitely already living in – and how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and/or Business Intelligence (BI) systems can serve as a complete solution to technology and data management challenges that come with multiple cloud systems. Considering the number of enterprise technology applications moving to the cloud that are essential to running today’s businesses, it can be overwhelming and quite frankly, challenging to integrate and/or consolidate all of these data sources. On top of that, there are on-premise tools as well, where a lot of accounting systems still reside. Now, as our understanding of data and how we can harness this insight continues to evolve into more richly integrated manifestations, the multi-cloud reality can be frustrating. This article will zoom in on reporting as part of BI and CPM processes – and how the right tool can be a complete solution to your life, as we know it, in a multi-cloud era.
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In this article, cash flow budgeting and forecasting will take center stage, with a spotlight on why this particular planning process is helpful to CFOs and companies in today’s business culture.

This blog has covered different aspects of financial planning for different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and different industries.  Cash flow budgeting and forecasting are a couple of processes that zoom in on your actual cash money, specifically in terms of payments going out for payroll and debtors and the cash coming in from customers.  In other words, a cash flow budget showcases a company’s monthly capital requirement.  And unlike the more traditional operational and transactional budgeting, cash flow budgets are a little bit more complex because there are more unknown figures to calculate and analyze.  This article will zoom in on the process, so you can understand more about the ins and outs, as well as the benefits for your company.
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