This article will focus on the Enterprise Budgeting on Cloud for Banks.
dashboard benchmarkingThe Cloud is coming!  Are you prepared?  I read a story once about a land that was going through a drought, famine, and warfare.  After a momentous battle, a leader told one of his lieutenants, “Go up now, look toward the sea.” So the lieutenant went up and looked and said, “There is nothing.”  And the leader said, “Go back” seven times. Read more

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This article will discuss the trend of moving toward a multi-cloud deployment to support BI and CPM solutions, as well as other business processes.
In the world of business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM), sometimes it feels like technology has been moving at a rapid pace, and other times, it might feel like everything has sped up all of a sudden. And both can be true. Technology innovation has arguably been picking up speed, building a momentum that can sometimes increase exponentially as certain breakthroughs lay the groundwork for the next scaffolding to go up – and so forth. Cloud computing is one of those breakthroughs that continues to add to their options in developments that seem to come both organically and rapidly. One of the relatively more recent business culture developments involves multi-cloud deployments. This article will zoom in on what multi-cloud deployments are and do, as well as what they can do for BI and CPM processes.
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This article will zoom in on the newest major public cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, and what you need to know about their cloud services.
In the enterprise technology realm, all you hear about these days is cloud, cloud, cloud.  And the forecast continues to be cloudy with 100% chance of more cloud.  Cloud technology has taken its time in terms of becoming a refined, trusted, and widely adopted culture-redefining presence in the world of business, but with Microsoft entering this arena, you know it’s just getting good.  Microsoft Azure joins the ranks of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services in offering what modern businesses are seeking: public cloud services.  Cloud service providers, like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are providing virtual machines, data management, web apps, and more, so that your business can be conducted from anywhere with an internet connection, all while being managed by the cloud vendor.  This article will explore Microsoft Azure, specifically looking at their cloud services – and what that functionality means for those that are looking at Cloud business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) solutions.
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This article discusses the benefits of hybrid cloud deployments for your Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management systems.
In today’s business culture, cloud computing is common for enterprises and organizations, no matter the size. It was not always like this, as the technology seemed lofty, new, and unsecure. However, over time, the technological advances, the accessibility of company data from anywhere with an internet connection, and the scalability of cloud computing has reduced costs and made this business culture technology evolution a relevant consideration for all companies. And Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions have followed the move to cloud deployments, so if you’re involved with data management, analysis, or decision-making at your company, you might be wondering how to proceed – if you haven’t already made the leap. This article will zoom in on the benefit of implementing a hybrid cloud approach as a way to take your BI and CPM processes to the next level.
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