BI360 Suite for Retail

Visibility with timely, relevant data.

Powerful Retail Reporting, Planning and Analysis

BI360 provides valuable insights into customer buying habits and preferences, so retailers can have the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

Robust reporting. Collaborative budgeting. Consistently correct data.

BI360 gives retailers full corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities, including budgeting and forecasting by region, store and product sales providing access to your data when you need it, enabling you to make more effective decisions.  Modern financial and operational reporting helps measure margins and profitability and improve staffing plans to better match store traffic and local demand. Current and accurate information is critical in today’s retail industry. BI360 can provide the detailed information retailers need to proactively run their business and improve store performance and product profitability.

With BI360 CPM suite, retailers will be able to:

  • Budget and forecast revenues, projects, and expenses with what if scenarios
  • Store-level and consolidated reporting that provide deeper understanding of what products are driving your business
  • Analyze and manage inventory costs while optimizing inventory and minimize out-of-stock items
  • Align business goals and store operations with revenue and profitability targets 
  • Predict buying trends and plan more effective promotions
  • Optimize staffing levels with workforce planning with employee compensation to calculate expenses such as Benefits, Bonuses, Taxes based on drivers
  • Driver based planning (Units Sold, Price per Unit)
  • Track product, store and regional performance
  • Combine data from the ERP system with other data sources, like POS or CRM and be confident that you’re reporting with ‘One Version of the Truth’
  • Produce operational and financial reports for local and consolidated business units
  • Establish and monitor benchmark objectives

Solver and our global partner channel will assist with BI360 implementations and long term support to aid retail companies in monitoring key performance indicators enabling business users to track company, department and and project performance relative to corporate goals, strategies and objectives. 

Technology Overview

BI360 is a modern, modular CPM suite that can be managed by business users:

  • BI360 end user modules for Financial & Operational Reporting, Budgeting and Planning
  • BI360 Data Warehouse for rapid implementation storage of any kind of financial and operational data, statistics and metrics
  • Microsoft platform including Excel and Web interfaces
  • HTML 5 will allow access on any browser and device
  • Pre-built integrations to all Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and CRM, Sage ERPs, SAP Business One, Acumatica, Intacct, NetSuite, Salesforce as well as other popular systems
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud and on-premises deployment options depending on your road map and requirements

CPM software is now designed to be used enterprise-wide, often as a complement to business intelligence systems. CPM software includes forecasting, budgeting and planning functions, as well as graphical scorecards and dashboards to display and deliver corporate information. A CPM interface usually displays figures for key performance indicators so that employees can track individual and project performance relative to corporate goals and strategies.

It's important for retail and travel organizations to stay ahead of market trends.

BI360 provides retail and hospitality organizations with an integrated corporate performance management solution designed to report, plan, and measure across disparate data in your organization giving you one version of the truth. Retail and hospitality companies can standardize and improve reporting and planning across all areas of your business - from traditional brick & mortar stores to e-commerce and beyond.

With BI360 for Retail & Hospitality, you'll be able to provide self-service to your business users across companies, departments, cost centers and location allowing your users to run reports consistency and drive business objectives to meet the unique needs or requirements of each business or operational unit. 

Integrated approach that links strategies, metrics, financial planning and reporting with ongoing operational reporting and execution.

  • Develop metrics and measures aligned with organizational strategies
  • Improve budget cycle time and forecast accuracy
  • Deploy rolling forecasts and driver based planning concepts
  • Implement cash flow forecasting capabilities
  • Automate management and financial reporting processes
  • Align planning, reporting and business intelligence processes, data, and systems
  • Report on rewards programs aligned with strategic performance measures

Main Benefits

  • Improves decision making.
  • Minimizes uncertainty and meets KPIs and objectives.
  • Focuses on the indicators that reflect strategy and are most critical.
  • Synchronizes communication of goals, strategies and metrics across broad geographic areas and allows users to view, update, share and work simultaneously on common information.
  • Minimizes problems associated with reporting detailed financial and operational data from multiple applications, databases and legacy systems.
  • Empowers organizations to make faster, smarter decisions in real time by capturing and transforming data from operational back-end legacy systems into a real-time data storage.
  • Integrates key management processes within a single IT platform in a closed-loop environment.