Solver Releases BI360 Version 3.0


LOS ANGELES, California, August 26, 2011 – Solver, Inc. recently announced the availability of Version 3.0 of BI360, its ‘Excel-based Business Intelligence’ suite.

With the introduction of BI360 version 3.0, enhancements have been made to the Reporting, Planning and Data Warehouse modules that further enable business users to manage access and gain insight to key information across their organization.

Highlights of the BI360 Version 3.0 release include:

BI360 3.0 Reporting:

  • Dynamic multi-sheet reports: This allows a user to automatically and dynamically create Excel workbooks with a ‘summary’ sheet and ‘individual’ sheets/reports representing ANY dimension or segment (i.e. Departments, Projects, Regions, Companies, Sales people, etc…). This function will result in a significant reduction in manual ‘cross organizational’ report generation, saving time and getting the right information to the right decision maker.
  • Copying Designs: With this new function, a user can copy a complete BI360 report design ‘worksheet to worksheet’. This is helpful when reusing report designs in new reports, or when wanting to create ‘report books’ combining different reports into a single Excel Workbook!
  • Report Publisher: An automated report scheduling & distribution add-on module, Publisher enables BI360 reports to be automatically generated AND distributed in many different formats. Reports can be sent as attachments by e-mail, to a network location and to SharePoint portals.
  • Security across companies: BI360 security settings can be copied between different companies being reported/budgeted on, reducing duplicative effort and streamlining security maintenance.
  • New live integrations: BI360 is now integrated to Sage MAS 500 with expanded integration points. BI360 integration to Sage X3 will release immediately following 3.0.

BI360 3.0 Planning:

  • Refined budget input logic: The budget data entry window is further streamlined for quicker, more efficient entry that includes ‘budgeting logic,’ including spreads, trends and copy history.
  • Quicker to implement: Improved configuration makes setting up budgets even more intuitive and flexible for administrators.
  • More storage: Expanded storage options offer increased performance (i.e. save the budget faster!). Choose to track entries ‘cell by cell’, or simply at the ‘sheet’ level.

BI360 3.0 Data Warehouse:

  • The Look: The new Office 2010 ‘look & feel’ in the data warehouse management console allows for a familiar, intuitive and user-friendly experience!
  • Currency conversion: New, advanced currency conversion features have been added.
  • Trees: A new ‘tree builder’ creates hierarchies to run business rules. In a flash, automate consolidation/elimination processes across multiple entities’ data stored in the BI360 Warehouse.
  • Integration: Enhanced pre-packaged integrations are available for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions as well as Sage.

About Solver

Solver, Inc., a global Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) partner, provides BI360 a Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard and Data Warehouse solution. A Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and the winner of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Partner of Year Award, Solver’s BI360 solution is ideal for companies requiring a user friendly and yet robust solution to give them deep insight and actionable information across all facets of their organization.

For any questions, visit Solver’s website or contact Solver at [email protected].