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Learn more about BI360 and get additional insight on business intelligence from Solver’s published authors: Nils Rasmussen, Corey Barak, Toby Prince.

BI360 Book - The Ultimate How-To Guide

Authors: BI360 Product Experts

This book is a tremendous resource for learning everything needed to install, maintain, grow, and implement BI360. It has been written by consultants who have more than 125 years of combined experience in reporting, budgeting, data warehousing, and dashboards. BI360 is an Excel and Web-based Business Intelligence (BI) suite (budgeting, reporting and dashboards), and a pre-configured Data Warehouse (Microsoft SQL Based). Built for fast, low risk/high value implementations and to be completely managed by business users, BI360 is designed to satisfy the business performance management needs of individual organizations as well as corporate headquarters.

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BI360 Book - The Ultimate How-To Guide