BI360 not only supports all departmental budgets, but supports revenue details, capital expenses, employee budgets and more. With BI360, budgeting and reporting processes become tightly integrated and easily accessed, all within a modern Microsoft Excel add-in for dynamic input forms and reports and with a SQL Server database on the back-end.
Plus, with BI360’s highly customizable capabilities, budgeting administrators can set upcentralized workflow with “social” collaboration features so that contributors and approvers can easily communicate objectives, comment and propose changes, saving valuable time and resources in your budgeting process.

By controlling the entire workflow process, BI360 facilitates a smoother, more efficient budgeting process across your entire organization. Be sure to watch our video to see how BI360 can save your company significant time and money in your budgeting process.  Watch now.

Collaborative decision-making is a big trend in business intelligence (BI) with the rise of social and BI software. As much as we hear about it, I believe it’s just the beginning. The popularity and quality of the BI tools that facilitate collaborative decision-making will only continue to improve and evolve, reshaping the way organizations think and operate.
Not long ago, a collaborative decision-making tool was little more than cc’ing people in an email chain. Now, we have collaboration portals with social personal dashboards, alerts, workflow, discussions, resource tracking, project and idea management, all of which enable immediate, iterative decisions. Look for more of these tools to foster open and dynamic BI collaboration in 2013 and beyond.
Here’s a webinar I plan on attending January 8, 2013. It will cover research revealed in three key opportunities for business users to leverage the combined benefits of collaboration and business intelligence: collaborative interactions, information enhancement, and collaborative decision-making. You can register here.

Each week we will be conducting an 1-hour overview of BI360 Reporting, Budgeting and Dashboards! There will also be open time for Q&A as well. See you online!
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For all the tools, tricks, and skills utilized by Excel power users, the real secret to Excel reporting greatness is in the preparation. To really impress your executives and give your company a competitive edge you need to do things like create predefined templates, offer user-defined reports, and have the means to easily run reports live on the Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and CRM databases, as well as your data warehouse and any other in-house or cloud-based databases. No small task!
Learn how to start taking the steps toward making powerful reporting a reality with a reporting solution that finally gives you the edge. The result will be professional-quality reporting that is accessible in familiar desktop tools, that users can refresh on-demand and drill through to gain further intelligence, and that will finally eliminate the need to prepare and distribute report books.
People who attend this webcast will…

  • Learn how end-users can customize their own versions of standard reports within Excel.
  • See how one report could easily serve many purposes just by changing parameter values.
  • Learn how one report can be connected to multiple databases.
  • Learn how Business intelligence (BI) technology can solve typical Reporting challenges.
  • See a live demonstration: Excel-based Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics

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