There is no doubt that a new generation of Enterprise Collaboration tools are coming full steam to the corporate marketplace. As the Facebook generation(s) starts demanding modern collaboration tools and interfaces at the workplace, this new breed of “social” business tools are here to stay. Early adopters are already using one or more enterprise collaboration tools, while late adopters might take two or more years to get on-board.
Yes, we have had collaboration tools available for a long time, just look at how much time we spend with e-mails, desktop sharing tools and sharing of files on the good old intranet every day. The question that every executive who believes technology is the way to make a real impact on their organization should be asking themselves is; if e-mails, meetings, conference calls, employee surveys, HR-managed resource and phone lists are the best use of everyone’s time for the next 10 years or if a good amount of this communication could have a better home in a modern enterprise collaboration tool.
A successfully implemented (including executive sponsorship and cultural adaptation) enterprise collaboration tool could with ONE single web-based interface (not with logging in to 5 different tools) that works on any device help with the following:
1. Idea generation and nurturing
2. Finding and networking with key resources (people directory)
3. Facilitating and storing of important business discussions of any kind (that does not include communication like: “Hey Joe, do you want to go to lunch at Noon today?”). E-mails and instant messaging do a fine job handling that today.
4. Facilitating and storing of key information through built-in micro-blogs and wikis
5. Facilitating and storing employee (and partner/customer) surveys
5. Searching and finding historical information from all of the above processes
6. Cross-linking of information from all of the above, so when you are doing one task, key words in your text start finding related items in the collaboration repository and serving it up real-time.
I think it is just a matter of time before modern enterprise collaboration tools are at a maturity stage and there are enough success stories that the technology becomes more important to growth and productivity than for example the company’s ERP system. This will not happen in 2012, but my guess would be by around 2014 or 2015.

It’s almost that time again! For many of youBI360 budgeting season  is almost here, it’s a perfect time to ease the burden and dramatically reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times. Automating your budgeting process allows you to make faster, more informed decisions.

View our recorded webinar and see BI360 Planning in action now! See a live demonstration of creating budgets and automated work flow process for approvals and discussions.

See Live Examples:

Budgeting – Payroll, Capital, Project, Cash flow, Departmental

Forecasting – Rolling Forecast, Quarterly Forecast, Sales Forecast

Reporting– Variance Reporting, Reporting with Comments, Consolidated Budget Reporting

Some of the benefits of BI360 Planning include:

  • Excel-based
  • Ideal Forecaster replacement
  • Fast implementation with out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and Prophet 21, as well as other ERPs
  • Drag and Drop planning and budget form design
  • GL + Detail Budgeting
  • Built-in ‘budgeting logic’
    • Spreading, copy history, apply trends, line item detail, comments
    • Bottom-up and Top-down budgeting

In most mid-sized and larger organizations with multiple divisions, classic BI tools have never been good at satisfying both local division needs (detailed reporting, local budget models, etc.) as well as corporate HQ needs. In the screenshot below, you can see an interesting methodology where a company can install the BI360 data warehouse (DW) at each division as well as at corporate HQ and then transfer whatever interesting detail/summary they want from the local DWs to the central DW. Historically, this would often not be a feasible model when companies had to build homegrown, custom data warehouses from scratch, because it could get very expensive. With a pre-configured data warehouse like the BI360 DW however, it is very fast and low cost to install it anywhere in the organization where a data mart or data warehouse is needed. There are many other benefits with this multi-level DW architecture, including the ability to then use the same report writer, budgeting and dashboard (like BI360) technology everywhere, thus reducing training cost, license cost and more.

Solver is growing and needs more great team members!
Due to high demand for our BI360 budgeting, reporting, dahsboard and data warehouse suite we are in need of the following team members:
1) BI360 consultant (US East Coast)
2) BI360 project manager (based at HQ in Los Angeles)
3) BI360 marketing/office coordinator (based at HQ in Los Angeles)
Contact us:​ct
Locations | North America | Solver
Solver is a proud leader in delivering innovative business intelligence driven solutions to the market place that leverage Microsofts BI and Performance Management technology platform.

Solver recently partnered with Sage to offer the BI360 suite to Sage MAS 500 and X3 customers world-wide. This will now bring the leading BI360 reporting, budgeting, dashboard and data warehouse suite to Sage customers that are looking for a powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based reporting and budgeting experience.
The initial MAS 500 integration inclus LIVE reporting on the General Ledger, Purchasing and Sales modules in MAS 500, and last week this integration was expanded to include Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
The Sage X3 integration includes live reporting on the General Ledger, Analysis and Sales modules and it will be expanded to other X3 modules prioritized by customer demand.

Financial Reporting and Planning Software Consultant
Job Description
This position will be based out of our Los Angeles global headquarters. The consultant will be responsible for implementing our BI360 reporting, planning and dashboard software suite for customers and partners throughout North America.
•Research and understand the clients’ current financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting requirements.
•Interact with client personnel at all levels including, but not limited to financial analysts, IT specialists, CFO, and CIO.
•Organize and lead project meetings with key contacts within the client organization.
•Provide architectural advice and guidance throughout the project lifecycle.
•Contribute to the development of methodologies, approaches, and models relevant to the client’s project.
•Independently design, develop, and implement the recommended solution.
•Train customers and partners on administering and maintaining the developed model.
•Create technical and end user model documentation.
•Help support and maintain the model post-implementation.
•Travel to client sites throughout North America for requirements gathering, meetings, training, and implementation.
Required Qualifications: Bachelor degree is required in finance or accounting preferred. The candidate must have at least two years prior experience in a position working with financial report writers as well as strong Microsoft Excel skills. Basic accounting experience with an understanding of an ERP system (general ledger and related sub-ledgers) is expected.
The position requires excellent organizational, qualitative and analytical skills as well as the ability to apply a creative approach to problem solving. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to learn on the fly and multi-task. Excellent written and verbal communication skills along with a strong technical and financial business applications aptitude are required.
Additional Skills:
•Prior experience implementing or working with financial reporting systems is a strong plus.
•Experience with Microsoft ERP’s (Dynamics AX -Axapta, GP-Great Plains, SL-Solomon, NAV-Navision) is   a plus.
•Hands-on experience designing budgeting and forecasting models is a plus.
•Familiarity with T-SQL is a plus.
Offer: Solver is a premier Microsoft Business Intelligence partner (awarded “Global Microsoft BI Partner of the Year” in 2009) and offers a fun and educational environment ideal for personal growth. We are a software and services organization implementing both our own reporting, budgeting and data warehouse suite as well as custom solutions involving the entire Microsoft BI suite. Solver offers very competitive benefits including health, dental, vision, life, Simple IRA matching, company outings and more.
Travel: Yes, US/Canada (20%-30%)
US Citizenship or Green card required. – Candidate should reside in the Los Angeles area.
*Please review the required qualifications before responding to this open position.
Please apply to:

Just a reminder to sign up for tomorrow’s BI360 webcast! It’s a great chance for you to ask specific questions to our BI expert!
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We are excited to annouce that our Partner and Customer Portal is here! It is a web-based resource to automate the delivery all information and software to existing partners and customers. This portal will help simplify the existing program to better serve and support our partners and customers. The new portal gives channel partners access to whitepapers, sales and marketing collateral, and educational videos to ensure they are equipped with the latest information and tools to sell BI360, an Excel-based reporting, budgeting and data warehouse tool for Microsoft Dynamics. Along with other benefits, the new portal also contains a support area that allows users to view their support cases online, download software and view registration keys.
To learn more about our program and how to become a partner email us :

We are excited to announce that BI360 for Microsoft Dynamics has been loaded with many new features that you have been asking for! Enhancements have been made to the Reporting, Budgeting and Data Warehouse modules to enable you to access the data you need to make key business decisions that positively affect the success of your organization.
Here are just a few highlights of the BI360 Version 2.0 release!
New BI360 Reporting Benefits:
• Active Directory integration to streamline security setup
• Data Access Management (Security) to grant or restrict role access to sensitive data at the dimension level (e.g. restrict by department, HR related data, module, etc.)
• Enhancement of Expression Trees for quick drag and drop report design
• Create report templates with AutoMeasure to automatically fill in column formula definitions
• Right mouse-click AutoFill shortcut to quickly apply Measures (e.g. period change) across multiple columns in one step
• Reports remember Connection (data source) and Company they were designed for (reducing reconfiguration when working in a multi-company environment)
• Set BI360 Report Designer to open in the mode YOUR role uses the most (report design versus report generation)
New BI360 Budgeting Benefits:
• In-memory processing for faster saving of large data- sets.
• Ability to position ANY dimension down rows or across columns (e.g. period down rows and accounts across columns).
• Interactive Profitability Modeling for quick insight and “what if” analysis during budgeting and forecasting by senior management
• Wizard and icon additions to make setup and use of BI360 Budgeting “intuitive”
New BI360 Data Warehouse Benefits:
• Map ANY amount, text field or User Defined Field (UDF) from your ERP system or other data sources to the pre-configured BI360 Data Warehouse; allowing you to include the data you need in reports and budgets without the hassle of customizing code!
• Easy to use Wizard for calendar/fiscal setup including start date by week and day within week to reflect the way that YOU run YOUR business.
• Save time by not ‘recreating the wheel’ with the new ‘copy’ feature for business rules! E.g. copy an entire budget version to a new budget version.
• Add up to 20 UDFs to ANY dimension for detailed budgeting and reporting off of the data stored in the warehouse.
• Fine tune your insight by including more details than ever before!