This article focuses on modern cloud-based reporting using BI360 as an example of a solution that is affordable and enables companies to make better business decisions.


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This article will help you navigate budgeting and planning with corporate performance management solutions.

Man in suit looking at analytics for his budget and planning project

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This article describes the value in organizing and visualizing data.

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This article will describe how reporting can save operational costs.


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What to Expect Plus Tips to Help You Take Advantage of All Focus 2018 Has to Offer

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This article explores the realities of cloud revolutionizing the technology and business worlds, especially for enterprise software, like cloud corporate performance management solutions.
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In this article, Sissela, a Solver visitor from Sweden, stopped by our Los Angeles office, and interviewed Solver employees for her school’s project on work experience.
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This article focuses on data warehouses (DWs) for organizations utilizing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition so you can make the best software investment by optimizing your reporting capabilities.
dwCloudHow do you know if your company needs a data warehouse (DW)? The signs are clear. If you are beginning to feel like you are wasting energy and time due to manual processes as well as analyzing and managing data with a program such as Microsoft Excel, DWs can help immensely by eliminating errors and tedious manual work. If you’re in the Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) world, you probably know that Microsoft launched a true cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, last November. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) system lets companies combine CRM tools, ERP, and Microsoft Office capabilities into the next generation of business applications. There are two different versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Business Edition is the lower end version built off of the Dynamics NAV product, and the Enterprise Edition is the higher end version based on Dynamics AX. Both editions are created for and deployed in the Azure cloud, which is hosted and managed by Microsoft. This article will cover DWs for your organization using Dynamics 365, Business Edition. Read more

This article will focus on simplifying customer profitability analysis for banks. Just what is that account worth to you?  A rich man was walking through the streets of New Delhi one day when he happened upon a beggar.  The beggar had reached out his hand and asked, “A few grains of rice for a poor […]