BI360’s modern Excel-based report writer offers predefined templates as well as pre-built functions for quick user-defined reports running live on the Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL databases (BI360 integrates with AX out of the box as well, but only for the FULL GL+ Sub-ledger version).
Using an Outlook-style interface in Excel, users can drag and drop to create complete financial statements or operational reports that are directly integrated to your Dynamics GL! BI360 is an excellent alternative for companies that need to migrate from FRx, and you gain the single design, generate and consume interface of Excel that you know so well, with direct integration to your Dynamics GL for real-time reporting with drill-down to details, PLUS the ability for decision makers to refresh their own reports on-demand, eliminating the need to prepare and distribute reports or report books!
Offer Rules:
Price includes:

  • BI360 Report Designer Module
  • Live integration to the Dynamics GL only, incl. 1 user
  •  1 user = Ability to ‘design’, ‘run’, ‘consume’ and ‘distribute’ reports
  • Price: $2500 (plus annual maintenance)
  • Available for Dynamics GP, NAV and SL
  •  BI360 for AX not available in the ‘GL only’ edition, and therefore not eligible for this special offer
  • Upgrade to the full BI360 version that can report across all Dynamics modules (GL and Sub-ledgers): Upgrade price will be list price of FULL BI360 version, minus $2500 paid for GL-only version.
  • NO additional discounts may be combined with this GL-only version offer
  • Requires BI360’s Reporting Module, version 2.2 or later (available from December 1st, 2010)

For more information email with Subject: $2,5oo Edition

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Each week we will be conducting an 1-hour overview of BI360 Reporting, Budgeting and Dashboards! There will also be open time for Q&A as well. See you online!
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For all the tools, tricks, and skills utilized by Excel power users, the real secret to Excel reporting greatness is in the preparation. To really impress your executives and give your company a competitive edge you need to do things like create predefined templates, offer user-defined reports, and have the means to easily run reports live on the Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and CRM databases, as well as your data warehouse and any other in-house or cloud-based databases. No small task!
Learn how to start taking the steps toward making powerful reporting a reality with a reporting solution that finally gives you the edge. The result will be professional-quality reporting that is accessible in familiar desktop tools, that users can refresh on-demand and drill through to gain further intelligence, and that will finally eliminate the need to prepare and distribute report books.
People who attend this webcast will…

  • Learn how end-users can customize their own versions of standard reports within Excel.
  • See how one report could easily serve many purposes just by changing parameter values.
  • Learn how one report can be connected to multiple databases.
  • Learn how Business intelligence (BI) technology can solve typical Reporting challenges.
  • See a live demonstration: Excel-based Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics

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We are excited to annouce that our Partner and Customer Portal is here! It is a web-based resource to automate the delivery all information and software to existing partners and customers. This portal will help simplify the existing program to better serve and support our partners and customers. The new portal gives channel partners access to whitepapers, sales and marketing collateral, and educational videos to ensure they are equipped with the latest information and tools to sell BI360, an Excel-based reporting, budgeting and data warehouse tool for Microsoft Dynamics. Along with other benefits, the new portal also contains a support area that allows users to view their support cases online, download software and view registration keys.
To learn more about our program and how to become a partner email us :

We are excited to announce that BI360 for Microsoft Dynamics has been loaded with many new features that you have been asking for! Enhancements have been made to the Reporting, Budgeting and Data Warehouse modules to enable you to access the data you need to make key business decisions that positively affect the success of your organization.
Here are just a few highlights of the BI360 Version 2.0 release!
New BI360 Reporting Benefits:
• Active Directory integration to streamline security setup
• Data Access Management (Security) to grant or restrict role access to sensitive data at the dimension level (e.g. restrict by department, HR related data, module, etc.)
• Enhancement of Expression Trees for quick drag and drop report design
• Create report templates with AutoMeasure to automatically fill in column formula definitions
• Right mouse-click AutoFill shortcut to quickly apply Measures (e.g. period change) across multiple columns in one step
• Reports remember Connection (data source) and Company they were designed for (reducing reconfiguration when working in a multi-company environment)
• Set BI360 Report Designer to open in the mode YOUR role uses the most (report design versus report generation)
New BI360 Budgeting Benefits:
• In-memory processing for faster saving of large data- sets.
• Ability to position ANY dimension down rows or across columns (e.g. period down rows and accounts across columns).
• Interactive Profitability Modeling for quick insight and “what if” analysis during budgeting and forecasting by senior management
• Wizard and icon additions to make setup and use of BI360 Budgeting “intuitive”
New BI360 Data Warehouse Benefits:
• Map ANY amount, text field or User Defined Field (UDF) from your ERP system or other data sources to the pre-configured BI360 Data Warehouse; allowing you to include the data you need in reports and budgets without the hassle of customizing code!
• Easy to use Wizard for calendar/fiscal setup including start date by week and day within week to reflect the way that YOU run YOUR business.
• Save time by not ‘recreating the wheel’ with the new ‘copy’ feature for business rules! E.g. copy an entire budget version to a new budget version.
• Add up to 20 UDFs to ANY dimension for detailed budgeting and reporting off of the data stored in the warehouse.
• Fine tune your insight by including more details than ever before!

Companies looking for ways improve to business performance in today’s trying economic times need to have access to the right information to make better, faster, fact-based decisions.
One way companies, like those using Microsoft Dynamics GP, can make the right business decisions is by starting to invest in the latest Microsoft business intelligence (BI) tools like Management Reporter, Office 2010, and SQL Reporting Services, according to Nils Rasmussen, CEO of Solver Inc., a Microsoft Business Intelligence partner.
Speaking at a GP User Group webinar, Rasmussen said companies that invest in BI tools will drive employee productivity as well as performance and ultimately outperform their competitors.
However, Rasmussen said BI tools can’t do much good if companies don’t know how to properly take advantage of them. Every aspect of business performance from formulating an initial strategy through budgeting, resource allocation, forecasting, reporting, scorecarding/dashboards and analysis, has the potential to utilize BI tools to help organizations gain a competitive advantage and improve business efficiencies.
Rasmussen detailed the Microsoft BI technologies that companies, especially smaller to mid-market companies running Dynamics GP, could use to improve their business processes.
PowerPoint, especially the latest version in Microsoft Office 2010, can help map the tactics and goals of a company’s corporate strategy, he said.
And Microsoft’s new Management Reporter, which is replacing Forecaster, and FRx, Microsoft’s financial and reporting analysis software, are both good tools to use to store and manage KPI (key performance indictor) targets like revenue or customer satisfaction scores. ISVs offer a variety of tools for managing KPIs, and companies that want to keep things simple, can also organize their KPIs in Excel, he said.
Today, companies can use the Forecaster and FRx software for budgeting, but because those tools are going away, businesses should really think about implementing Management Reporter, which will be Microsoft’s budgeting and forecasting tool beginning around 2012, he said.
“Right now if you want a pretty decent budgeting tool you would look at Forecaster. It has a SQL database to store budget items and it can link over into FRx to read the general ledger portion of the budget from the Forecaster database and mix it with the actuals to give you variance reports,” Rasmussen said. “That’s today, but both Forecaster and FRx are legacy tools and Microsoft has already launched Management Reporter, so that’s the alternative for all your budgeting and your forecasting. Of course, you also have Excel, the world’s most popular budgeting tool.”
“Roadmap-wise, Management Reporter is definitely the one you should be heavily evaluating,” he said. “In the future, Management Reporter is also supposed to be for reporting on your sub ledgers, not just the general ledger like FRx, which is great because then you can have one report writer for all your data in GP instead of several.”
Rasmussen said Microsoft is also promoting SQL Reporting Services for report writing, especially for sub ledger reporting on GP as well as any other SQL database.
“It’s a tool that Microsoft is spending a lot of money on and I would make an educated guess and say the development team behind SQL Reporting Services is probably quite a bit larger than the team behind Management Reporter,” he said. “SQL Reporting Services has a lot of functionality and Microsoft has built that tool to be almost a Swiss Army knife because it can do a lot of things.”
However, Rasmussen said the drawback to SQL Reporting Services is that it’s still a technical tool and companies would need an IT person to write the report instead of a business person, which would be the case with FRx and Management Reporter.
Excel is also a good modeling tool for companies to develop various revenue scenarios. “There are surprisingly few modeling tools in the ISV space and not even Microsoft labels itself as having modeling tools,” he said. “But the most obvious thing is you can do it in is Excel, the world’s most popular modeling tool. It’s up to you to create some good, well organized, smart models that make it quick to create scenarios that give you valuable output.”
Data warehousing is also a very important capability that ought to force small to mid-size GP customers to think about the data beyond the GP database.
“GP is not a data warehouse,” he said. “The more stuff you squeeze in there that’s not part of the financials, the more you fill up the GP database. So it’s not a bad idea to have a data warehouse outside of GP and that normally means in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Then you can link it to GP and to any other database you have.”
Another tool for data warehousing is Microsoft’s new PowerPivot.
“You need Office 2010 and Excel 2010 for Power Pivot,” he said. “It’s a pivot table on steroids. It looks like a pivot table but it has a new menu that makes it easy to slice and dice the data. It puts power in the hands of every end user to do analysis. It’s power to the masses or BI to the masses.”
But Rasmussen said the key tool that Microsoft is pushing is Management Reporter, mainly because it uses an intuitive approach to report design, a new architecture with 64-bit support and a familiar user interface-and business users can create their own reports with the help of an IT person.
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Join AXUG Partner Solver as they host an exciting Partner Showcase (PS) webinar, highlighting the products and services they offer in the Dynamics AX reporting and budgeting space. Learn more about Excel-based reporting for Dynamics AX in this webinar. This is an AXUG open event.
Empower your users with Excel-based Reporting, Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics AX.
How do you ensure your users access standard reports, but still have the freedom to get to exactly the data they need? Business intelligence is no ivory tower, and the newest Dynamics solutions give your organization the tools to unlock your reporting and budgeting information to gain efficiency and competitive advantage.
People who attend this AXUG webinar will:

  • Learn how end-users can customize their own versions of the standard reports within Excel
  • See how one report could easily serve many purposes just by changing parameter values
  • Learn how one report can be connected to multiple databases
  • Learn how Business intelligence (BI) technology can solve typical Reporting/Budgeting challenges.
  • Live demonstration: Excel-based Reporting, Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The AXUG Partner Showcase (PS) was developed so user group members could learn more about specific products and services available in the marketplace. The Dynamics AXUG user group is not in a position to specifically endorse any companies or products. Your participation in this program is voluntary. As always, AXUG encourages you to evaluate ancillary products and services thoroughly when contemplating adding them to your optimal portfolio.
This is an AXUG open event all members are invited to register.
Event Type
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AXUG PS – Solver (Aug 2010)
8/25/2010 1:00 PM (ET) – 8/25/2010 2:00 PM (ET)
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Description: The support consultant provides customers and partners with phone and web-based support for our Microsoft Excel-based software suite called BI360:
Details: Your primary responsibility will be to support our customers and partners, primarily Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners that use BI360. For the most part, the support involves phone and web support to assist customers with installation of the BI360 software, report design questions, and general usage. General knowledge of Microsoft Excel, financial report writers and Microsoft SQL Server is preferred. No travel required as the position is based in our office near Century City in Los Angeles. After two years, qualified candidates can move into consulting roles in our business intelligence practice. The hours for this position are 7:30 AM PST through 4:30 PM PST.
Bachelors Degree and one or more years experience from a position involving financial report writers, as well as working with Excel and applications running on MS SQL Server. It would be a strong plus with two years experience with a Microsoft ERP (Dynamics AX -Axapta, GP-Great Plains, SL-Solomon, NAV-Navision) products and two years experience with a financial report writer.
Financial and technical support experience is a plus. The position requires excellent organizational, qualitative and analytical skills as well as the ability to apply a creative approach to problem solving. The candidate will demonstrate an ability to learn on the fly and multi-task. Excellent written and verbal communication skills along with a strong technical and financial business applications aptitude are required.
For more information, send your resumes to

We would like to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who attended Solver’s sessions at Convergence and also for those of you who stopped by and chatted with us!  The live feedback on our newest BI360 solution and responses we have had have been absolutely amazing.
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