Happy Faces, Happy Workplaces

In this article, Sissela, a Solver visitor from Sweden, stopped by our Los Angeles office, and interviewed Solver employees for her school’s project on work experience.

My name is Sissela, and I am 14 years old. My school is having a “work experience week” and I had the opportunity to spend my work experience week at a happy company with a lot of happy faces. My week at Solver has been really educational. I have not only learned about the company, but I have also learned a lot about the people and the culture at the company, and that is what makes Solver a happy work place. In this post, I am going to express the main reasons why from what I experienced and heard from the interview.
Enjoy and respect 
One of the reasons why Solver is a happy place is that people respect and enjoy each other. From what I have seen, everybody has fun together and can talk to each other. During my time at Solver, I have seen a lot of funny stuff around the office all from the daily gymnastics to people riding scooters around the office and also, there are secret boxes full of different snacks. If I worked in an office where I felt like I had fun with the people around me, I would definitely look forward to go to work and meet everybody every week.
Fun events 
I could see everybody has a really good connection with each other. One of the reasons why the connection is really good at Solver can be that the company is relatively small, but I think the most important part to keep this connection is to do things together. When I did interviews with people at the office, a lot of people talked about the events such as the Halloween party, Monday breakfasts, and dinners together where there were activities that built close relationships in the office. To build a close relationship between the people in the office is really important since it builds the company culture and a happy workplace.
Everybody at Solver works very hard to reach their goals, and I think the little things like company dinners or free breakfasts where everybody is together can really be important to keep everybody motivated and something to look forward to. All of the activities they do together at Solver build up culture. That is one of the reasons why Solver is a happy place.
The atmosphere
The environment at Solver is really chill. You don’t have to wear special clothes or be a special way to be respected. Everybody can dress however they want to and take full responsibility for their own work, but at the same time everybody pushes each other to reach their goals. That balance is really important to have.
When I interviewed people at the office a lot of people thought that the chill atmosphere was one of the reasons why they had so much fun at work but some also said that other people at the office have helped them to improve. One person that I interviewed said that she got help from her colleagues at work to get better at talking in front of a big group with people that she didn´t know and she was really thankful for that. At a workplace I really think it´s important that everybody wants to help and assist each other to improve. From what I have seen during my week at Solver, Solver is really such a happy place.