BI360 and the Top BI Trends for 2013

A recent article in Informationweek Software lists the top BI trends for 2013. I always enjoy reading these articles because inevitably I end up measuring our BI360 suite against these trends to see how we stack up. Pretty well, as it turns out:

1. Collaboration Goes Beyond Social: We certainly agree. Enterprise collaboration tools such as the BI360 Insight collaboration portal will become more valuable as organizations begin to realize the significant ROI that these solutions deliver.

2. Self-service BI gets real:
Here again, BI360 puts the power of BI into the hands of the end user. What’s more, Solver offers comprehensive support to educate and train end users to make sure self-service doesn’t mean do-it-yourself.

3. Dashboards will Evolve and Expand:
BI360 has an amazing dashboard interface that unifies all of your data into one, intuitive experience. Totally web-based, total visibility into your business.

4. Mobile BI Boosts BI Adoption:
This is a big next step for Solver and BI360 in 2013, and we can’t wait to roll it out!

5. Big Data Generates Big Interest:
Big data? We say “bring it!” Our data warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured and customizable solution based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server platform… and it can handle just about anything.

6. Cloud Becomes Just Another Option:
Maybe so, but cloud-based reporting offers fast, secure, and flexible performance, with anytime, anywhere access to your reports. And, Solver’s BI360 integrates seamlessly with cloud data sources like Intacct, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of the cloud.

Here’s the article if you’d like to see how your current BI solution stacks up!