Matthew Felzke
Dynamics GP Reporting Tools

It is important to know the features and functions of today’s financial reporters in order to search for the right tool for Dynamics GP to create sophisticated, analytical reports.

In 2014, a good financial report writer is essential for any company that is committed to growing into a mature, competitive organization.  However, this article is about understanding the spectrum of features and options, so that picking the best financial reporting tool is easier for any company or finance team that is using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Nils Rasmussen
BI360 Web-based Reporting: Anywhere, Anytime Reporting

Web-based reporting offers several benefits. Lower maintenance fees, better transparency, on-demand reporting from anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to install any software on your computer. BI360’s Web-based Reporting delivers these benefits and more.

Build and run reports live on your ERP
Users can build their reports in the BI360 Excel-based report writer and run those reports over the web with drill down and drill through, live on your ERP databases, or across multiple sources of data using the BI360 Data Warehouse.

Accelerate and improve decision-making
This powerful enterprise reporting solution gives you easy access to information so that you can speed up and improve the accuracy of your decisions – complete insight from anywhere.

Easy access, secure and convenient
BI360 Web Reporting and Dashboards provides executives and managers live reporting off your ERP or MS CRM systems in an easy to access, secure and convenient web portal. Administrators grant access and assign reports, and for those of you already using BI360 Reporting, no changes are necessary to run your reports over the web.

True self-service BI
BI360 offers true self-service business intelligence for web reporting that is fast to implement and requires little or no training.

This short video features BI360’s Web Portal for all of your reporting needs including Financial Statements and Operational Reports.