Matthew Felzke
The Importance of Training in Cloud Business Intelligence Solution Management

In this article, we will explore the necessity of training in getting the most ROI on your Cloud Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions.

On this blog, we have been discussing the service packages that can come with ownership and management of a cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and/or Business Intelligence (BI) solution – and so far, we’ve explored the importance of support and consulting.  This article will explore the final component – why training?  Wasn’t consulting enough?  Is it an essential part of the experience of owning and mastering the management of your cloud BI or CPM tool?  This article will set out to answer these questions and more about the relevance of training to your daily work within a cloud BI or CPM solution.

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Tina Lee
The Importance of BI360 Training

IMG_0960The importance of training is more than just the obvious. BI360 users will often say, “I don’t know how to use BI360, so let me take a training class.” Structured training is about the best way to learn how to use and become more efficient with BI360.  As Solver’s Training Manager with over 15 years of training experience (two of those with our tool), I say this to everyone – never stop learning!

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