The Most Efficient Reporting & Analysis Tools

This article will highlight essential reporting and analysis features in Corporate Performance Management solutions.

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Hanna Kim
Excel- and Web-based Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article will discuss your financial reporting options for your Dynamics GP.

reportingdynamicsgpYour organization needs a powerful and dynamic financial reporting tool to help you stay competitive in your industry by managing and analyzing your data without any disruptions. Navigating through Business Intelligence (BI) is much like maneuvering through the streets of a foreign country without a map or any directions. In this article, I will explore Excel-based and web-based financial reporting options, so you are able to select the best reporting tool to navigate your organization in managing and analyzing your data using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Continue reading

Hanna Kim
An Introduction to the Business Intelligence World

This article is an introduction: I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and my entry into the Business Intelligence realm, as well as my plans to blog about management solutions.

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My name is Hanna Kim, and I’m an Angeleno. If you live in Los Angeles, you will notice that the city is not full of natives, but it is rather a melting pot of people with interesting stories, and I absolutely admire that about this city. As a story lover, I love traveling. I enjoy learning about different cultures and history, but the most fascinating part of traveling is finding layers about myself that I never knew about. It is always a humbling experience.

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Matthew Felzke
Dynamics GP Reporting Tools

It is important to know the features and functions of today’s financial reporters in order to search for the right tool for Dynamics GP to create sophisticated, analytical reports.

In 2014, a good financial report writer is essential for any company that is committed to growing into a mature, competitive organization.  However, this article is about understanding the spectrum of features and options, so that picking the best financial reporting tool is easier for any company or finance team that is using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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