Daniel Havey
Best Corporate Performance Management Tools for Credit Unions

This article will focus on how what you should be looking for in the Best Performance Management Tools for Credit Unions.  



What is Corporate Performance Management?  According to the Harvard Business School, performance measurement focuses on four main areas:

  • Communicate with external investors to ensure that a firms’ securities are fairly priced and that they are able to access capital
  • Measure and Evaluate a firms’ economic performance
  • Improve resource allocation and strategy implementation within a firm
  • Build Accountability for performance through effective external and internal governance

The emphasis of this article will be on improving resource allocation and strategy implementation, specifically for Credit Unions.  Though Credit Unions have evolved over time, their basic function is to take in deposits and reinvest those funds back into the community in the form of loans for such things as houses, cars, education, and infrastructure. Continue reading

Daniel Havey
Simplify Customer Profitability Analysis for Banks

This article will focus on simplifying customer profitability analysis for banks.

Image taken from Shutterstock.

Image taken from Shutterstock.

Just what is that account worth to you?  A rich man was walking through the streets of New Delhi one day when he happened upon a beggar.  The beggar had reached out his hand and asked, “A few grains of rice for a poor and starving man?”

At first glance, you would have thought that the rich man would have passed the offensive smelling obstacle without giving him a second thought.  Amazingly, he stopped.  He asked to see what the worthless man had in his cup.  Five grains of rice were all that he had to his name. Continue reading